When God puts you in a cocoon


I’ve been feeling lately as if I’ve been in a cocoon.  So many years spent crawling around on the ground eating leaves and watching others fly that I’d forgotten they had to go through a metamorphosis first.  And now it’s my turn.  I feel the restrictive binding like a strait jacket, the isolation, and can’t see what’s going on though I know something is.  At first I fought it, but I am finally learning to rest, have had to cry “uncle” more than a few times, and know that wings are forming.  I can feel them.  Cocoons are a good place to be, so if you’re in one, rest.  Change IS taking place.  You WILL NOT stay there forever, and it WILL be worth it.  Don’t let others help you break out of it too soon, either.  When that time comes, you will need that struggle, that squeezing, for your wings to function properly.  Trust that God knows what He’s doing and learn to listen (whatever that looks like for you) to the Holy Spirit.  

I believe this year is going to be an important one for me, not just because it’s my last year at Global, but because I’m finally becoming free.  We had a meeting recently and I asked to be switched back to the Media intern.  Though I’m a bit nervous about everything I will have to do, I am excited by the opportunity to learn more about making videos.  I keep getting ideas and I know Who is putting them there :) 


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