Does God ever get lonely for us?


It’s been a while since I’ve woken up to a song.  This morning all I got was the tune.  It was an old one, one I thought my mom would know, so I called her and hummed it.  She  began to hum along but didn’t know the words.  I guess she had expected it would be a hymn because she made a comment that it wasn’t (they rarely are).  All I could remember was “lonely is the man” and so I Googled it and sure enough found the tune.  It was the chorus which was playing, and the song pretty much consists of the chorus over and over again…

Every day I wake up, then I start to break up
Lonely is a man without love
Every day I start out, then I cry my heart out
Lonely is a man without love

So was this from God or the result of some random memory popping up?  Is it possible that God does actually get lonely for us?  I can’t help but think that in all my “waiting for God” that He is waiting for me.  My life is busier than it has ever been and I am missing it, scrambling and rushing through my Martha days.  It does my heart good to remember that the Bible says that “Jesus loved Martha, and her sister.”

I know this busy season won’t last and that I can practice His presence no matter what I’m doing or how crazy my days get, that I can rest even as I labor, but I am so looking forward to moving in and getting settled.  Of course, then it will be something else, like the start of 3rd year at Global!  Always something vying for our attention while the Lover of our souls waits…and waits…and waits….


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  1. Patti Dear, Was good to talk with you this week. I’ve missed you. And yes, I truly believe God feels the distance when we do not sit with him. Thankfully, He waits. And I’m sure Mary did not sit all the time. I want to learn from Mary the secret of welcoming His Presence. I’ve had similar thoughts to yours in this busy season of my life. The dream I had with the birth of the baby (and a busy season with a newborn) has helped anchor me, but I also wonder if He gets lonely. I know the song you mentioned. Never put it in that context! Interesting thought.

    Mike saw the pix of your cute house and thought you made a good choice; it being set back from the road. It is a pretty little nest.

    Love you, Dottie

    • Good point about Mary, Dottie! I guess the important thing is she had her priorities straight and when Jesus showed up she dropped everything to be with Him. It helps to remember that He is always with us. We don’t live in a time of visitation but of habitation, hence the need to practice His presence. I need to get better at that.

      We’re making progress on the house, and I know it’ll be worth it. Soon. :)

      Love you too!

  2. Lovely thought, thank you very much. It’s a lesson many of us seem to have to constantly relearn. Recently the Message’s paraphrase of 1 Samuel 15:22 helped put a fresh spin for me on that great “obedience is greater than sacrifice” passage. Goes like this:

    Do you think all God wants are sacrifices—
    empty rituals just for show?
    He wants you to listen to him!
    Plain listening is the thing,
    not staging a lavish religious production.

    It sounds simple, but it’s so hard isn’t it! Praying we both find it easier to simply be with him even in all the hustle and bustle! Thanks again for the lovely thought. God singing love songs to us, that’s something! Made me smile.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Gareth! Yes, things that sound simple rarely are…at first :) Here’s to getting better at tuning in! ~p

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