GSI, two years later


It’s been a very full–and interesting–couple of weeks.  This year’s Global Summer Intensive (GSI) started off with a bang!  It was this event (two years ago, wow!) that so radically changed my life.  This year Randy taught the first day and did impartation.  The class is big (over 100 students from 14 different nations–and different nations doesn’t mean they are here on visas, but they flew here from their respective countries!).  I helped out at orientation and went in the first day to help as well.  Last week I went in on Monday because my friend Mary was teaching on prophetic art.  Afterward she prayed for every student and rocked their worlds, lol.  On Tuesday we headed to the beach for a few days of R&R.  

R&R with Mary is always interesting because God is always up to something when we’re together and we don’t always get much sleep, lol!  I had an interesting dream the first night.  In it I had gone to a church which had split.  There was a woman worshiping in a side “room” (glass enclosed and reminded me of the semi-soundproofed room in the band room of our high school).  A man made a derogatory/mocking comment about her.  The next thing I know, people are falling out all around.  As she was worshiping, the glory cloud showed up in that little room and everyone could see it through the glass!  (Here I’ll add that I’ve never seen one in real life but this was pretty amazing!)  Everyone was in awe, and in my dream I just dropped to my knees and started crying “Holy!”  Then we were back to “doing church” (though I don’t remember a transition and it may have been a different day), and as the speaker was going on, people started to get up and sneak over to the room (some of them were coughing, I remember that).  Then there was a rush of people trying to get in line for prayer from this lady (because people were getting healed!).  But it became too much for her and she ran off.  I went after her to try to explain to her what was going on because she didn’t understand.  I shared the dream with Mary and she said, “You know who the woman was don’t you?”  :)

Anyway, I spent our first full day at the trailer spray washing it, which hadn’t been done for almost two years.  It was filthy, and after four hours of scrubbing and spraying, my right arm felt as if it was going to fall off!  I cleaned up and went inside and it didn’t take long for pains to start knocking.  I say knocking because I refused to agree with them (this time!).  Seriously.  I said, “I do not agree with the pain in my shoulder and my elbow.  I will be like Caleb and fight battles in my eighties!”  And guess what?  The pains stopped.  Not immediately, but almost.  I had some stiffness that night and the next day, but no lasting ill effects.  Did I overdo it?  Yes, but I refuse to make agreement with any pain.  And God knew I was trying to bless my husband by getting the trailer cleaned (he didn’t have time this year), so I think He had mercy on me :)

Mary read an interesting book while we were down there by Anna Rountree called “Heaven Awaits the Bride.”  She read portions to me, and it was amazing to hear about some of Anna’s encounters and how similar some of Mary’s have been.  I’ve been privileged to be around when some of that “stuff” is going on, and though I may not see what she is seeing, she shares it and I believe.  Pretty cool to have things confirmed by reading them in someone else’s book!  

On our way home we decided to stop at a Starbucks which was located inside a grocery store.  As we sat outside and ate our picnic lunch the Holy Spirit shows up and starts to talk to her about us finding the safe way.  (The Starbucks was located inside a Safeway!)  Then I look up and see a Target and hear that line from Star Wars (when Luke is getting ready to take out the Death Star), “Stay on target!  Stay on target!”  :)  

I forgot to mention that the morning Mary taught at Global she painted during worship.  I helped out and at one point she stops painting, leans over to me and says very firmly, “You.  Do.  Not.  Have.  To.  Change.”  And, two years later, I’m finally getting that.  He loves me just the way I am. 

Today Dr. Melodye Hilton taught at GSI and I got to PA for her.  She spoke on justice and it was excellent.  At one point she said, “To wish you were somebody else is to waste the person you are!”  Here’s to no more waste :)


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