Add it to the list


I find that I’ve been compiling a mental list of things I want to do when we finally get done with our new place and get settled in.  On that list is to write again.  To me it’s like dancing with God, and I miss it more than I can say.  I also want to get back into scrapbooking and creative stuff.  Probably more important than all of these, though, is to take better care of myself, i.e., exercise and eat more nutritionally.  

This past year I have noticed an increased level of fatigue and body aches.  Some may say it’s just the process of aging, but if Caleb can claim divine health and fight battles into his eighties, so can I :)  I plan on switching physicians, too.  Time for a fresh pair of eyes and ears to help me figure out what’s going on (when the numbers indicate you have a problem and the physician won’t even order tests to find out what’s going on, it’s time for a change).  I realize some of this may be the result of overextending myself–we are pushing ourselves rather hard to get projects done–but to wake up tired and aching isn’t normal for me and it’s never going to be as far as I’m concerned.  

I’ve been a lot thinking about illness lately.  Yesterday someone liked a post and though I don’t always do it (it’s a time thing) I followed the link to her blog, there discovering she’s fighting fibromyalgia.  I say fighting because I believe that is one disease that can have spiritual roots.  I prayed for someone once with that disease and had the pain leave when I commanded the spirit of affliction to go in Jesus’ name.  (I think I was as surprised as she was!)  So is what I’m experiencing similar?  Possibly.  Anytime we have pain it raises a question in our minds.  Sometimes that’s the enemy up to his old tricks.  If he can get us to be fearful and agree that we “might” have something, we’ve just opened the door to it.  I don’t pretend to understand how all this works, but I’ve watched people get healed instantly as well as battle through prayer (over a course of years) to their healing.  I don’t plan to accept what others may consider natural, because I have a God who is supernatural!  But I have an enemy who is as well.  It’s a good thing to be on the winning team :)


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