That receptor thing


A break from school doesn’t mean I’m getting a break!  This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and post.  Work on our house continues, and life with grandchildren underfoot makes for busy days.  Last week I took a friend to Rehoboth for a few days and it was a nice escape (though we never made it to the beach, lol).  I hope the weather is as nice the next time we go–we had plenty of sunshine and enjoyed a great time of fellowship around table and campfire.

One night she had a dream in which God was getting ready to have an encounter with her and she (bless her heart) said something to the effect of “Not just me, Lord, for Patti too!”  That’s when she heard Him say, “Her receptors are different.”

Because I’ve been in an environment where I’ve seen many get touched by God (while I felt little or nothing) I had put myself in the category of “difficult to receive”  After she told me that my perception changed.  Now I look at it as the differences, say, between electrical current in other countries.  If you’ve ever traveled, you probably have one of those bags of plugs that will allow you to use your American-made products overseas.  If you fail to use the right adapter, you’ll literally fry your stuff!  He loves me so much that He doesn’t “plug me in” and won’t until everything is as it should be and I am well grounded :)


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