Things I don’t get…


Despite two years of teaching and impartation at a ministry school, there are still plenty of things I don’t get about God.  I mean I know He’s God and can do whatever He wants but I’m sure there must be reasons for why some people experience His presence more than others and why some people aren’t healed and others are, those kinds of things.  And while I usually can figure out why my Divine D.J. picks certain songs, this morning’s still has me wondering.

I wrote about a snippet of a dream I had recently (the cut thigh) and even what Doug Addison had to say about it.  Well, this morning I awoke to “The First Cut is the Deepest.”  Seriously.  Methinks I was born to live in wonderland :)

Tonight is the Commissioning Service.  Hard to believe 2nd year is over!  What a year it’s been.  Lots of transformation, but still plenty of room to grow up into all God has for me.  I’m grateful for Randy Clark and Global Awakening as well as the staff and teachers and everything that’s been poured into me (and much that ran over me because I couldn’t hold it all, lol).  God is faithful.  Enough said :)


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