Almost heaven, West Virginia!


Yes, that song actually began to play in my mind as we crossed the line into WV this past weekend.  Seriously Holy Spirit?!  What I didn’t know was that the church we were visiting is planning (in conjunction with two other local churches) an event called The Homecoming in July.  So yeah, country road, take me home :)  

Weirton is small town about a half hour from Pittsburgh (at the tip of the state).  It’s an old mill town, and as such doesn’t have much going on as the factories are mostly closed.  Lots of gambling and other vices, but the church we visited is really stepping into its calling and I think the city has a bright future!  Seven years ago they bought an old elementary school building for next to nothing and have turned it into the Family of God Christian Center.  It’s a pretty cool place, and the pastor and his wife are awesome people.  The congregation is growing in the gifts of the Spirit.  

Friday night they took us out to eat and someone prayed over the meal, after which a young girl (nine or ten) came over and asked if we were Christians.  We said yes and she said, “I thought so!  I am too!”  I caught her eye a couple of times during the meal and smiled.  When she left with her grandparents (I assume) she came over to the table and handed me a picture drawn on a napkin.  It was of a girl with a halo above her head.  Personally I think she was the angel, or perhaps she sees angels and she saw mine!  Interestingly enough, before the sermon Friday night there was worship, and the next day a man from the church (who sees angels regularly) said one came and hovered behind me as I worshiped, lifting his hands up and down.  :)

On Saturday we taught on how to hear God’s voice, the five-step prayer model, words of knowledge, deliverance, and the prophetic.  I did the deliverance teaching, and it went well.  I actually had a team member tell me afterward that during my teaching God brought some repressed memories back to his mind that he knew he had to deal with.  There was some ministry time and opportunities to talk and pray for people.  

I forgot to mention that Friday night when worship was winding down I let my Bible plop open and it “landed” on Ezekiel 21.  That chapter does more than a little talking about swords, which heightened my interest (considering the word I got at VOP).  When I got to the end of verse 12 I think I gasped.  “They are delivered over to the sword with My people, therefore strike your thigh.”  Immediately my dream came to mind. 

Today Doug Addison taught at Global and at a break I told him the dream.  He asked a couple questions and then said it has to do with my calling (and it’s also a family calling) and the gift of faith.  It’s a covenant of faith, he said, and I’m pulling on it.  You bet I’m pulling on it!  And I’ma gonna keep pulling on it!  The other thing I realized in his talk today was that my understanding of a seer needs to change.  I thought that a seer was one who literally sees angels, etc., which is true, but his description I can relate to.  For instance, he said when he flew into Ohio on the way here he noticed they were taking down the old control tower at the airport.  He prophesied that the stronghold of control over the state was coming down.  Interesting that just today some men were arrested for kidnapping (and actually if you think about it controlling) some women for years and years.  

Anyway I found that I was doing that when I was at Weirton, prophesying over billboards and even that John Denver song.  In fact, I kind of let it rip during prayer time Sunday morning at the church (which was a first) with things like “let them have that feeling that they should have been home yesterday” (with regards to God drawing people to the homecoming event).  Doug will be back tomorrow and I’m looking forward to learning more about dream and tattoo interpretation.

Two more days of school.  Graduation is Thursday night.  Where did the year go?  I know I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of the year, but I still have far to go!  So worth the journey though.  Going after God is always worth it :)


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