This post isn’t about highlighting your hair or passages in your Bible, which are things you would see with your natural eye, but highlighting in the spiritual realm.  I’ve often heard it said by speakers that someone was highlighted to them, and I’ve wondered what it meant.  Last night something interesting happened.

My daughter-in-law and I went to Home Depot for a Do-it-Herself workshop.  There were approximately 15-20 ladies there, seated in a horseshoe around a gardening station where the speaker taught about container gardening.  She mentioned that at the end they would raffle off the container.  Here is where I wish I could remember how my thoughts progressed.  I believe I found myself wondering who would win (though not asking God directly) and having the thought that the lady sitting in front of me and to my right could use it and she should win (or something like that).  When it was time for the raffle of the very nice planter I remember looking at the lady to her right and thinking she could use it too and then wondering whether either of those ladies would win.  For what it’s worth, I also remember thinking I wouldn’t mind having it myself, lol, or that maybe I should wish for my daughter-in-law to win it!   

So the ticket was drawn, and the second lady won, at which point she mentioned to the lady beside her (who was evidently a friend) that she was going away so she couldn’t take it, and the first lady said, “I’ll take it!”  So I guess they both won! :)

All that got me wondering about my thoughts, which were mine and which were God’s.  I have trouble sometimes hearing His voice, but I know He speaks to me, and I know that He did throughout this whole process, though it was more impressions I think.  For instance, there was an impression that I was going to get to choose who won.  And it was after I “chose” (and before the ticket was drawn) that I had the distinct thought that I should have chosen my daughter-in-law!  Too late, lol.  

This brings to mind the word someone gave me recently to “ask more questions.”  It’s not the first time I’ve asked a question in my thoughts and had God answer it (even though I wasn’t asking directly).  And now I’m thinking about Gideon and wondering what he was thinking as he was beating out wheat in the wine press.  Could he have been asking God for a deliverer?  I’m sure he wasn’t expecting God to actually show up!  The Bible is full of “suddenly” stories of God encountering people in their day-to-day.  Mine wasn’t such a huge event, of course, but it showed me once again that God is listening.  And that I need to ask more questions :)


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