The history of revival


Yesterday I went in to Global because Randy was teaching.  I’ve heard him teach on revival before, but I never get tired of hearing him speak about it (and especially tell stories from his own experiences).  I don’t remember if he said it was one of his former employees or former students who said this, but it’s so true, that Randy is “God’s weapon of mass information”, lol.  He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the history of revival, as well he should be.  After all, God told him in Toronto that He was “going to give him a Ph.D. in revival” and He has!  FYI some of the books he recommended reading were:

  • Revival by Winkie Pratney
  • Images of Revival by Richard Riss
  • Eight Keys to Biblical Revival by Lewis Drummond (he was one of Randy’s professors at seminary, I believe)
  • Finney’s unabridged autobiography
  • Only Believe by Don Stewart
  • Thunderstruck:  John Wesley and the “Toronto Blessing” by Steve Beard

I’d like to read the Thunderstruck one but it must be out of print because the used one was over a hundred bucks!!!  Anyway, history does a much better job evaluating moves of God than contemporary critics.  So often revivals are rejected because of the manifestations, yet it seems that so often God will use those types of phenomenon to get people’s attention and draw them in.  And there are plenty of people who show up skeptical but don’t leave that way, lol.  I do find it interesting that so many denominations reject moves of the Spirit.  Most have forgotten their own history (or perhaps it has been “sanitized”).

I don’t know what the next big move of God will look like, but I don’t want to miss it!  Methinks it’ll be the mother of all revivals, lol.  :)


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