He did it again :)


Posting early before we head to church just to say that yes, God did it again!  When I posted last night I was thinking about everything we’d done and hoped to do and I mentioned about wanting to see the Northern Lights.  Well, I looked between the blinds “just in case” and there it was, a thin green ribbon in the sky.  I wasn’t sure at first (thinking perhaps it was a reflection on the glass or something) so I stepped outside and sure enough, God was putting on a light show!  I called my friend but she didn’t answer her phone.  Her husband didn’t either, so I sent her a text.  By now it’s nearly one in the morning.  She called back and I told her to look outside. 

It was glorious!  I stood out on the street and just praised God from whom all blessings flow, and especially for that blessing, like a good night kiss before I went to bed :) 


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