I love Alaska!


I have an hour free so I’m going to try to catch you up!  We’ve had an amazing time so far.  Saturday was the Nome-Golovin race and we were there for the start and finish (last time we missed the finish).  The racers go 100 miles back and forth to Golovin (200 miles round trip) on their snow machines in a little over two hours!  We have a new appreciation for how fast they must be traveling because yesterday we took snow machines out to Safety and back (only 40 miles round trip).  That took us about three hours (though we hung at the Roadhouse for a little while).

Safety is the last checkpoint of the Iditarod.  Our hosts have three snow machines, and Kevin and I were on a new Bearcat.  It was around fifteen degrees with bluebird skies–you really couldn’t have asked for a better day to ride, although factoring in for the wind chill at 40-60 mph, you have to have every inch of skin covered.  I wish I could post some pics, and I’m hoping to at some point.  They have limited internet here and evidently if you go over a certain amount of bandwidth you get charged.  I took some pictures at the Safety Roadhouse, which is quite the place.  Tom, the bartender, has been doing this for years.  The place is wallpapered with one-dollar bills people have written on.  Of course we had to add ours!

On the ride back I slid my hands (alternately) in and out of my Gore-Tex gloves and reached into my coat’s chest pocket to pull out the camera.  While we did stop for some stills, I wanted to get some “action shots.”  I about froze my hand doing it, lol, but I did manage to get a couple.  You just have to hold the camera up and hit the button because you’re never really sitting still.  For every picture I kept I deleted four or five.  I told Kevin the ride was kind of like being on the back of a bucking bronco for two hours.  At least I had good handholds!

We didn’t make it out crabbing on Saturday but yesterday when we got back a friend stopped by and GAVE us three huge king crabs he’d just pulled out of his traps.  He didn’t feel like cooking them!  We were glad to take them off his hands :)  I’m allergic to crab so I didn’t eat any, but it was a joy to see Rich and Mary enjoying their first taste of that spiny delicacy! 

Yesterday we went to church at the River of Life Assembly of God.  Mary painted during worship, and after the sermon got to share a snippet of her testimony and what the painting meant and it touched a lot of people, especially the lady they are staying with who, twenty some years ago, felt called up here to help the Native Peoples.  She has been faithfully serving, and what Mary said was like an “atta girl” from God to her heart.  There was also a woman in the congregation who is interested in prophetic painting, and Mary is going to try to get with her and impart what she’s learned. 

Today our hosts had to go to work so we slept in.  I was in the middle of a rather crazy dream when the phone rang, and it had the effect of shaking the memories of said dream from my mind.  I remember bits and pieces but especially the fact that it was a lucid dream, one in which I was actively participating and “watching” what was going on.  I don’t have many of those. I plan on writing to one of my friends who was in it (from school) and telling her about it.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve had a ton of them.  One morning last week I had two from which I remembered significant snippets.  In the first, I was at bat, but instead of the balls coming from a pitcher, they were coming from behind, from the catcher!  It took me a couple of swings before I got the hang of it, but then I was hitting every one out into the stands.  So I looked up baseball first.  The definition that jumped out at me was “hitting hearts with your words.”  That would explain their going into the stands.  If the pitches had been coming from a pitcher that could signify spiritual warfare (trying to strike you out).  So then I looked up ball, and the definitions were 1) effective speaking and 2) authoritative speaking.  Next on the look-up list was catcher, and while there wasn’t one for that individually there was one for catcher’s mitt, which means 1) sensitive or spiritual hearing or 2) your spirit.  I had the sense that the One throwing the balls to me was the Holy Spirit.  I also felt that it wasn’t baseball, that it was cricket, and even though I don’t know much about the game, I looked it up.  The first definition is “noble.”  That’s what my name means!  Another definition was “words with power (batting).” 

So many times people write off dreams as being a result of eating pizza or ice cream before bedtime, but I now know that they all have significance.  And somehow I am learning which ones have more and which ones to search out.  Actually it’s usually any that I can remember, because so often they just vanish like vapor as soon as I open my eyes. 

Today the Craft Fair starts at Old St. Joe’s.  We’re hoping to get a pair of mukluks for one or both grandchildren.  Last time I was here I bought something knit out of sled dog fur (it’s really warm).  This vacation is flying by!  We leave next Monday and still have so much we want to do…and the mushers haven’t even started coming in yet!  Aliy is in third as of this writing.  I think this is going to be a close race! 


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  1. Soooo good to hear from you! I checked your blog nearly every day! My thoughts and prayers have been with you and Kevin and your friends. I’ve been checking in on the Iditarod when I can … wow, it will be close and you will see them piling in rather than straggling in! Enjoy the rest of your time!!!

    • Yes, I am rooting for Aliy but she’s down to ten dogs. Btw we just got back from the store and her daughter was behind us in line and we got to talk to her :) I have a feeling it’s gonna be a very close finish!

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