School’s Out for…Practicum!


My apologies for being so lax in posting lately.  It’s not that I haven’t thought about it.  In fact, it’s been on my to-do list for quite a while actually.  But the days have flown by and tomorrow we leave for Alaska.  Needless to say I’ve been a bit busy.  

It’s hard to believe school’s out for a couple of months, but it is.  First-year students continue to go full time until graduation in May, but the Zeta class is out on practicum, with teams traveling all over the U.S.  I went with three other ladies to a church this past Sunday (local) but two other teams went out, one to Illinois and one to Virginia.  I’ll go out again in April (to Pittsburgh) and May (to West Virginia).  

We had Joe McIntyre teaching last week and I was his PA.  This made for a lot of running.  His plane was late getting in on Tuesday night so we picked them up and dropped them off at the hotel and didn’t get to bed until around 1.  He was a great choice to end the school year though.  I took a ton of notes, but alas, I just don’t have time to share them right now. I’m still packing for Alaska!

The good news is my son and daughter-in-law had their baby last night.  She ended up being induced (they were going to let her go until Thursday but she convinced them to let her go Tuesday).  I’m so glad we got to see and hold him.  I’ve been home yesterday and today watching Connor (except for a short trip to the hospital).  He wears me out!  I feel kind of badly that we’re leaving right when she gets home, but her mom lives nearby and she has other friends too.  

I guess I’d better get back to packing.  I hope to post some pics from up there (if my camera holds out).  We’re going to catch the Iditarod again, this time even getting to see the beginning!  I think that will make it more special when we see them come in at the end.  It amazed me, flying over the terrain between Anchorage and Nome, to think about teams crossing that rugged landscape.  I think I remember reading that if dogs were people they’d have run the equivalent of fifty Boston marathons by the end of it.  And don’t let the movies brainwash you.  The dogs love it and the mushers care for them like family.  

I imagine by the time we get back it’ll be spring!  I noticed today that the sun seemed more intense.  The daffs are poking their heads up out of the ground too.  Still haven’t seen a Robin yet, which is unusual.  Okay, I guess I’ll see you before soon! ;)


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