Jesus, I believe!


This morning I awoke to Julie Meyer’s “Jesus, I Believe”, a song which continued to loop on and on throughout the day (and in fact is still playing!).  You see, yesterday during prayer meeting a woman shared about a cousin who had a back problem and needed prayer.  While speaking to her after church I got a picture of a woman who had been bent over suddenly straightening up, so I offered to go pray for her, believing for a miracle.  The fact that I’m reading the five-book series on William Branham’s life may have something to do with the Holy Spirit’s choice of songs (“Only Believe” was played at all his events).  I listened to Julie’s song a few times and played it again right before I got there to pray.

I went after lunch, and long story short the lady wasn’t immediately healed, but we are still believing for a miracle.  I’m certain they never heard the kinds of prayers I prayed (with authority and all), but I’m not discouraged by the lack of instant results.  She did say she had less pain when I left.  I believe very much in that verse that talks about laying our hands on the sick and they shall recover :)

Afterward I went back to the friend from church’s house and we talked for over an hour.  I shared the journey I’ve been on and some of the things I’ve seen and learned.  We both talked about how we long to see revival come to Perry County.  She’s on the same page when it comes to realizing the need for the gifts of the Spirit in the body and how powerful healing is as an evangelical tool.  We had a really good time of fellowship and ended it with prayer.  Earlier I’d noticed she’d been limping a bit and made a mental note to pray for her before I left.  I almost forgot to but turned to give her a hug and noticed her movements again.

So I asked if I could pray and when she said yes I asked her sit on a hard chair with her butt back against it.  Then I held her legs out by the ankles and measured them, noticing that her right leg was about a half inch shorter than her left.  So I prayed a very short prayer, I think something like, “Father, thank you for healing.  I command this leg to grow in Jesus’ name.”  And I stared at them, and after a couple seconds heard squeaking from her Crocs and realized something was happening and tried to tell myself not to pull her leg (not that I was but I didn’t want to!).  It only took around five seconds and they were even!!!!!  I said, ‘Uh, (name), do you feel anything?”  She said no.  I said, “Well, you might not believe this, but your legs are even!”  So I put her legs down and told her to get up and walk around, and she did, and the pain was GONE!  And she said she felt like she was walking funny because she’d been compensating for so long!  I said, “That’s not funny, that’s your new normal!”  God is so good :)


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