When busy-ness catches up with you


Do you ever just get tired of the rat race?  Is it just me, or does life seem to be getting busier and busier?  Perhaps it’s the two-households-under-one-roof thing combined with house remodeling and the fact that school is almost over and practicum is about to start.  Whatever the cause, I’m finding a strange disconnect, and I realized today that it’s been quite a while since Holy Spirit has serenaded me with a song.  I miss that.  

I’ve been dreaming up a storm lately.  Last night I tossed and turned and at one point just after I got up told myself to go look something up in The Divinity Code, but by the time I got around to it, it slipped away to join the mass of other things I wish I could remember.  I had a dream the other day and all I could remember from it was that I was at the Post Office with Connor (in his stroller) and he said “water bottle.”  Considering the fact that he’s not speaking yet (though he is quite advanced in the languages of grunt and point), I thought it was significant.  According to TDCode the Post Office represents a heavenly distribution center.  Interesting :)

Prophetic preaching went okay.  I had a moment of brain freeze but got through it.  Not my favorite thing to do, but it’s always good to be stretched (even if it’s not fun at the time).  I’m finally getting more comfortable with prophesying.  The other morning I was talking to one of the students and got a quick blip of a picture of him climbing up a ladder into the clouds, so I told him.  He smiled and said he’d just gotten a word that morning from someone else about God taking him above the clouds and giving him new strategies to fight the enemy.  I’m glad I said something, because it was a confirmation for him and also confirmed for me that I was, indeed, hearing from God.  I wonder how many other things I’ve missed because I wasn’t paying attention or had written them off for one reason or another.

Jamie Galloway is teaching again tomorrow.  He was in today and said tomorrow he’s going to be prophesying over us.  Should be interesting.  Next week is our last week.  Joe McIntyre is coming in for three days.  He spoke at the conference in New Holland a year ago and I really enjoyed his teaching and his heart.  It’s going to be a good end to a great year.  Speaking of which that hardly seems possible.  This year has flown….

I guess now would be a good time to mention that I’m going to be an intern next year!  I wasn’t sure what to do and therefore didn’t even apply.  I wouldn’t recommend that for everyone, but I did pray that if God wanted me to do an internship that I would be asked to consider one.  To be honest, I didn’t think I was even in the running for consideration.  In any event, the Friday before I was asked someone on a ministry team that came to the school prophesied over me that my time there (at Global) was done.  So I thought to myself that there was my answer, it was confirmed by that word.  But Tuesday when I went back to school, I was approached with the offer.  It took me a little while to sort that out, but in the end I realized God was okay with whatever I decided.  I was praying, “God if you want me to do this I’ll do this.  I’ll do whatever you want.”  And sometimes He will guide one way or the other.  But there are times when He’s okay with whatever decision you make, and He wants you to make it and trust Him.  I look at it this way:  He’s entered the coordinates in His GPS for my destination point, but there are several different ways to get there.  One way may be more direct and get me there faster, but another may be off the beaten path and I’ll get to see more of the countryside, so to speak.  In all honesty, I don’t know whether this internship is an acceleration or the scenic route, but I believe that it’s taking me where I need to go.  

I’ll be working in the media department and also helping the online intern (who is herself an ex-online student like myself).  We will make a great team.  :)  As for the media thing, I have long been interested in video, etc.  In fact, I’m working on one now to show at school next week.  They use Final Cut software, and I have an express version on my computer…though I’ve never learned how to use it!  I cut my teeth on iMovie but it’s time to get into a more advanced program.  

So I’ll be kept busy but I’ll also get to pour into the lives of the students there and I’m sure I will benefit from being a part of the Global team.  There will (not may, will) be challenges, not just there but at home as we’ll have two grandchildren by then and I can feel already that I’m going to be pulled in more directions next year.  But it’s part of the process, this journey I’m on. 

Speaking of which, thanks for traveling with me.  I hear from a few of you and it’s always encouraging.  But even if you never say anything, I’m honored that you are along for the ride.  And I hope my posts launch you on your own journey (or encourage you on the one you’re already on!) of discovering just how much God loves you.  He’s crazy about you!  Did you know that?  Well if not, now you do :)


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