Cozy Livin’


It’s been almost a month since the kids moved back home with us…er, moved to their home that is.  So far so good.  Mary’s due to have the baby this week and her Ob/Gyn doc confirmed that she’s right on schedule (with Connor she was two weeks late).  We’re praying it happens soon for her sake, because we leave on Feb. 28 for a couple of weeks so it would be nice to be around to help out.  I plan on cooking some meals and doing what I can before we go.  I have enjoyed this time–I love having my family all together and relish our times around the dinner table.  My men love to laugh and that’s one of the best sounds in the world.  :)

The house is coming along slowly.  I’m painting the bedrooms and Kevin and a friend are setting the kitchen cabinets.  As soon as that’s done the countertop people will come and measure up for that.  Once the kitchen is in place we can rip up the carpet and sand the floors.  And about the time that happens we’ll be heading to Alaska for the Iditarod.  

I have to say that if I’d known how this would all work out I probably would have opted to stay home and work on the house, but Kevin needs a break and has been working so hard.  This will definitely recharge his batteries!  I hope they’re getting more snow up there.  I hear they’ve not gotten as much this year and it’s made things more difficult.  

Only two more weeks of school left!!!  Last week Robby Dawkins came and taught and it was awesome.  He’s amazing.  Here’s a few of his great one liners:

  • Self-preservation is the death of faith in your life.
  • The Scripture says the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord, but you gotta be making steps for God to order them.
  • Your gift to God is availability; His gift to you is ability.  You go first.”

Tomorrow is Tracks.  Last week’s teaching was on “prophetic preaching.”  The activation involved going up front, getting a verse, and having five minutes to preach on it.  Just.  Like.  That.  Well, I didn’t go last week, which means I’ll either go tomorrow or next Tuesday.  I’m somewhat nervous about this because I’m the type of person who likes to prepare for things ahead of time.  No way to prepare for this!  Even if they would give me a minute or two before I start, but you pretty much have to start right away.  Help me, Jesus :)  


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