Hangin’ out with Jesus


I had a session this morning with a counselor at a local church (my daughter-in-law had given me two free ones for Christmas this year).  It’s been a few weeks since the first one.  The weather intervened and postponed our last meeting, so more time has passed than normal.  A lot was stirred up by that first meeting, something I guess I wasn’t expecting, and some interesting things have happened.  So today, after catching her up on a few things (including the faith fall last week), she led me in prayer and then into the session.  

I told her about the difficulty I have in really letting go and used the example of my hands being frozen around a steering wheel.  She encouraged me to let go and prayed with me.  What I “saw” made her chuckle–it was actually my pulling the steering wheel off and walking away with it, lol.  Well, at least I got out of the car!  I think that’s when she prayed and asked Jesus to help me let go.  I laughed because the next thing I saw was Him tickling me and that’s how He got me to let go.  We did a lot of laughing today :)

I ended up in a hammock, and Jesus was right there with me, and though I don’t remember the progression of prayers the next picture was one that took me by surprise.  She must have asked where the hammock was, and I saw it being held by two seraphim and it was swaying over the mercy seat!  Okay, that’s probably too much for some of you but it’s what I saw, and I had incredible peace just hangin’ out with Jesus there.  I think I found my happy place :)



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