You’ll get what you say in 2013


It’s been a busy week.  School started back up on Tuesday (which was our day for Tracks) and then Wednesday Randy spoke.  Thursday a GSSM Alpha class student named Annie Byrne came in and taught, and it was amazing.  She now runs a ministry school in Houston, Texas, similar to GSSM and had quite the stories to tell!  Just her journey getting to that point was amazing.  It’s encouraging for me, as a woman, to see and hear her speak.  She does so with great authority, and she brought a team with her.  After class they prayed and prophesied over us.  One of her young interns kept hearing for me that I had a beautiful mind.  That was encouraging :)

Last night The Pursuit started up, but I didn’t stay for it.  Instead I watched it on webcast (though I got on chat and was somewhat distracted).  Annie spoke again about having the government of God in your life.  Evenings are free webcasts, I believe, so long on to Global Awakening’s webcast and watch!  I think Charles Stock is speaking tonight (probably right now).  He’s the pastor at Life Center in Harrisburg.

Today was the prophetic presbytery for those who attended.  Basically the students prophesied over conference goers (from 9-1:30).  They used the dance studio downstairs, and the prophetic track spent the entire day down there.  The other students spent a couple hours prophesying and then went back up.  When we got there I was in the lobby with a few other students when Jen asked if someone could “be her” for the day as she had to go to a meeting.  No one else volunteered so I said I would.  So basically what happened was I got pulled from prophesying and put into organizing.

Mike Hutchings had a word in the morning on Tuesday.  He shared how his brother-in-law had gotten a brain tumor (the bad kind–glioblastoma I think it’s called) and that he wasn’t given much hope, but that Mike had declared over him that he would live and not die.  He went through surgery and chemo etc. and at the last checkup was declared cancer free!  Then Mike said that in 2013 you will get what you say.  That sounds great and all, but sometimes you say some things you shouldn’t.

When we were told on Tuesday that we’d be spending the day prophesying today my initial reaction (in my spirit) was “I don’t want to.”  I confess that’s not the best attitude, especially when I had received specific direction that I needed to work on my “one ski.”   Well, God heard me and I got pulled.  I didn’t know when I volunteered to help Jen that that would happen.  And I was surprised to find myself disappointed.  That’s when I was reminded of Mike’s word.  Be careful what you wish for, because you’ll have what you say.

I had a doctor’s appointment at 2:30 so I missed the afternoon session.  I had to go get a repeat mammography, which led to an ultrasound, which led to an appointment in ten days for a breast biopsy because they see something and want to find out what it is.  So I go back to Global afterward and arrive in time to catch Will Hart’s afternoon message.  At the end he goes into some prophesying and has one word of knowledge and guess what it was for?  Breast lump, not sure what it is–a cyst, fibrous tissue–just went to the doctor within the last day or two (do you think today counts?!), and that He was going to burn it away.  I’ll get what I say, and I say burn, baby, burn!  :)



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