Let it begin with you, too!


Another Christmas has come and is nearly gone.  It’s been a quiet one.  The kids came over last night for dinner and afterward we opened gifts.  It was great watching Connor open his and be excited to play, and seeing the look on Kevin’s face when he realized I’d gotten him something he’s wanted for just about as long as I’ve known him was priceless.  The icing on the cake was the fact that it started to snow in the afternoon and though most of it melted today it was great to have a white Christmas to wake up to.

Speaking of waking up, the past two days I’ve awakened to the tune of “Let There Be Peace on Earth” (…and let it begin with me).  That’s not a song I’m very familiar with and not one I hear much at Christmas, but as my DDJ had it playing I felt there was significance to it.  I did arise early and spent some time in prayer in my upper room.  Lately I’ve been feeling that I’m to be asking God for more and I’ve wondered, if you knew God would give you whatever you would ask for, what would that be?  Certainly not more stuff.  I’d like more gifts, but not the kind that can be wrapped and put under a tree, lol!  More than spiritual gifts, though, I’d like to be like Moses and see Him face to face like a friend, to have that kind of intimacy and to get lost in love for Him.  I’m painfully aware of the fact that I’m not there yet, that I still don’t truly know what love is (this despite the fact that I have a husband who couldn’t possibly love me any more than he does).  It’s probably significant that what my oldest and his wife got me for Christmas was a certificate for two sessions with a counselor they’ve been going to.  ~sigh~

Anyway, I realized today that I don’t believe I blogged about a dream I had a week or two ago.  All I remember of it now was that the person in the dream had a tattoo on their shoulder which read Eli 6:9.  When I woke up I Googled it and the very top entry was a passage at Bible Gateway (actually two passages).  Think God’s trying to tell me something?  :)

We had a visitor over to share Christmas dinner with us today, a man from our church who’s a relatively new Christian and pretty much a straight shooter, though he’d be the first to say he’s a little rough around the edges.  We love him though and were glad he joined us.  After the meal we had some good discussions about God and people and although we didn’t always agree on things that wasn’t so important.  When he left he asked for prayer for his back as it was hurting him, something I’d been thinking I wanted to do anyway.  So I went over and laid my hand on his back and prayed, and afterward told him my hand felt warm and asked if he felt anything?  He said “Nothing” but he was smiling.  I asked, “Is that a good thing?”  He said, “Yeah, the pain’s gone!”  Thank you Jesus! :)  Then Mary spoke up and said that while I was praying she “saw” something like golden rain coming down on him!  I loving having a seer around :)  Hey, that’s something I’d ask God for!  Open my eyes, Lord!


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