Where were you on 12/12/12 at 12:12?


It’ll be almost a hundred years before we have another time-date alignment like today.  Perhaps you weren’t even aware of it, or maybe you were and you just missed it, but I took the opportunity today to focus the attention of a room full of people on the clock at the passing of that momentous occasion.  And then I taught on deliverance, and it went well, and I’m sure glad it’s over :)

School’s been going well, but I haven’t had time to post, partly because I’ve been sick with an unrelenting cough.  It’s going around and quite a few students are out while others are there and hacking away.  I think I’m going to stay home tomorrow to try to get ahead of this thing.  Besides, I’m pretty worn out from the messed-up sleep patterns that this type of illness brings.  I’ve been trying to stay away from people even though I don’t have a fever and don’t think I’m highly contagious right now.  Best not to take chances.

This morning I shared a testimony before worship started and afterward one of the 1st-year students came up and asked me for prayer (related to what I’d shared in my testimony).  So I cupped her face with my hands and started to pray, and when I was done she said her lips were burning and she had some strange sensations in her mouth.  I prayed again and blessed what God was doing, even though I don’t know what that was exactly :)  At the end of worship I had been pouring my heart out to God and wish I could remember what I had just got done either thinking or saying.  I know it was along the lines of not feeling as if I really had much to offer God, that I was just an ordinary person but that I gave Him everything.  At that point I heard my buddy Rich go, “Wow!” and I knew God was speaking to him, though I didn’t know what he was seeing or who it was for.  I figured someone was going to get a download, lol.  Well, it was for me :)  Probably more than anyone Rich has encouraged me with words this year, and they are always significant.  He saw a seagull, an ordinary seagull, and it was nothing special.  Then it was joined by others and then in an instant God changed them all into doves and Rich heard God say, “I turn the ordinary into extraordinary!”  I thought that was pretty cool and isn’t the first “dove picture” I’ve been given.  Randy likes to say that “God can use little old me.”  Well, He can also use ordinary old me, too.  Wish I could remember what else Rich said.  It’s that slippery word thing….

After school Kevin and I met and picked out bathroom stuff.  The drywaller started today and I’m hoping that goes fast.  We’d like to be painting by Christmas.  Soooo much to do.  We’re both getting tired, and I’m amazed at Kevin’s fortitude, how he can run a business and still do all this house stuff.  I’m getting to the can’t-wait-until-this-is-over stage, but we’re far from done, and Christmas is just around the corner!  Ho, ho, hoooold on, 2013 is coming fast!  Ready or not (I’m ready, the government’s not!) here it comes!


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