I’ve got that crazy sleep deprivation thing going on again.  A few nights ago I managed to sleep six hours straight, but most nights I usually start the waking-up thing about an hour or so after I fall asleep.  In the past I’ve often gotten up and gone into the next room where I’ve spent some time reading/praying and sometimes drifting in and out of sleep.  But lately I’ve been so tired I can barely even pray.  My dreams have been bizarre and involved snakes, though I’m happy to report two nights ago I killed one, chopping its head off with something like a shovel.  This feels like warfare, as if I’m battling in my sleep, and I usually awaken as tired or more so than when I went to bed.  This morning I actually had to fight depression.  It lifted, thankfully, after I did some binding and prayed and refocused.  Sometimes you’re so tired you don’t think you have the strength to even put your armor on, but you have to do it.  The enemy doesn’t fight fair and waits for opportunities such as these.   I’ve been reading Francis Frangipane’s “The Three Battlegrounds” and it’s been very helpful.  Perhaps that’s been stirring up some things.

We have off school this week, and I envisioned catching up on sleep and books that need to be read, but so far all I’ve done is runrunrun.  I think I can stay home tomorrow.  I hope anyway…. :)



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