Every word is a seed


Dale Mast was in today and taught on the prophetic.  I remember him from earlier this year when, as an online student, he came over during a break and prophesied to some of us.  I was the first one he chose and, totally unprepared, had no recording device present so I frantically tried to scribble notes and listen at the same time.  He started with, “I see you standing in a room and you have like a yellow fuzzy robe on….”  Well, at that time I was going through a season where God was waking me up a lot at night and I’d throw my robe over my PJs (and yes, it was yellow and fuzzy) and go into the next room to talk/pray/read/sometimes sleep.  So needless to say he got my attention from the get go!  He also won a place in my heart because he reached out to the online students.  I needed to hear what he had to say back then, and it was no different today.  You see, I had another meltdown at school this week.  I’m not any good at hiding how I feel, and my feelings have been all over the map lately.  Today I got some insight as to what’s been going on.

I know that I’ve believed lies in the past and have been going after them with truth, but deception is like a lie on steroids.  The antidote for deception is revelation (which is truth on steroids!).  I asked God to show me any places where I’ve been deceived so another layer could be peeled off.  I actually had been crying out to Him since the conference at Denver last week and between worship this morning (led by Aaron Horton, which was amazing) and the teaching I received, I have come to realize that a lot of my self-talk was based in deception, to the point where I was beginning to wonder whether I needed to actually schedule deliverance sessions or something.  I realize now that most of what was going on were attacks from the enemy, which were always against my purpose, identity, and destiny.  He wants to keep me out of the fullness of my blessing and knows that if he can get me to agree with what he’s saying, I give him power over me.  I’d rather agree with what God says about me :)

Dale wove in personal prophecy throughout his teaching.  I was hoping he’d do that as I’d been asking God to make it clear to me what my gifts are and what I’m supposed to be doing.  I had a sense that I was going to get some answers, and He didn’t disappoint!  Here are some bullet points from Dale’s teaching:

  • Every word is a seed.  Just like an acorn has the DNA that makes the tree, prophetic words have “DNA” as well.
  • If you have words and you don’t have a plan, you have not applied faith.
  • Every time you’re getting ready to do a shift, you need an upgrade in your identity.
  • Whatever field you move into, it gives you access to the next one.
  • You’re getting more of God, but God is also getting more of you!
  • You can increase your gift by reason of use.
  • When you get a prophetic word, you have to “see” yourself doing it, you have to turn it into a picture, otherwise it’s not a vision.
  • Most people know how to get up when they’ve been knocked down, but to stay humble when lifted up takes divine grace.

We have off school for the next week and a half.  I plan on spending a lot of that time asking God questions until I get answers.  And I am expecting answers because He’s the one who put the questions in there to begin with :)


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