Rocky Mountain High


Colorado!  Yes, John Denver is now singing the song as I sit and contemplate what to write.  I’m headed to Denver tomorrow for the Awakened to Destiny conference.  I don’t know what I’m getting myself into, but I know that God is good and believe He’s the one who put the unction in me to go, so I’m going.  They say the air is thinner at those higher altitudes.  I could use some rarified air :)

I voted today, but haven’t turned on the TV or anything.  I think I’ll wait until morning for the results.  The possibility that we could have a repeat of what happened in 2000 has crossed my mind, and in any event I’m content to wait.  I’m just thankful the ads and phone calls will soon end.  I’ve been quite popular today and have received calls from Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Clint Eastwood, to name a few.  I even had one that wouldn’t stop!  I mean I hung up on the guy and when I went to call someone ten seconds later somehow it knew that and started the message over!  The nerve!  I tried hanging up on it a few times and each time it was there whenever I went to make a call.  I actually had to sit there and wait until it was done.  That’s just wrong.

I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum–those who feel it’ll be the end of the world as we know it if Obama gets reelected and those who believe the same if Romney wins.  I’m not putting my faith in either man or political party they represent, though I believe we are either at or very near to the point of no return for this country.  That TV commercial that’s spoken in Chinese about them owning us is chilling because it’s so true.  It’s almost too late already.  But God.

It is God who raises up and puts down.  He places those in authority and we’re too pray for them.  Perhaps if Christians had done more praying for than demonizing their current president things would look different.  Only God knows though.  We don’t see the battles going on (and I’m not talking about those on TV and in the polls).  Satan knows his time is short.  For that matter so does the whole earth.  The labor pains have begun and it seems as if there are more earthquakes and other natural disasters these last four or five years than I ever remember.  I’m half expecting an eruption somewhere soon….

Speaking of earthquakes, I’m kind of hoping to get a chance to talk to Bill Johnson while I’m out there about a vision I had.  The possibility of that happening is probably pretty slim, but if I get the chance I figure I should tell him about it since it was a team from Bethel who came to Global last fall and laid hands on me for increased dreams and visions.  I guess we’ll see!

Time to go pack.  Catch you on the rebound!


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