Trick or treat!


I knew it wouldn’t take long, but I expected 250 pieces of candy to last longer than 45 minutes!  Ah, trick-or-treat night, the night when every child in Perry County suddenly becomes a resident of New Bloomfield!  It was fun though, and worth the smiles.  I hung a sign on my front door “Free Prayer” but there were no takers, although I’m hoping that someone will remember a person of prayer lives here and if they ever need any will come knocking.  I did offer to pray for two scary looking zombies to be raised from the dead.  And then there was that kid with the shirt that was made to look as if his gut was slashed and an organ was sticking out.  When he squeezed something in his hand it “pumped” like a heartbeat.  That’s just wrong.  I stretched out my hand and said, “Be healed in Jesus’ name!”  I don’t think anyone in this town knows quite what to do with me, and that’s okay.  I don’t know what to do with me most of the time either.


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