Sandy’s a mountain


Spent the day yesterday gearing up for Sandy, cleaning out gutters, raking up leaves (although I’m sure a ton more will come down), putting things away which could be blown away, getting all the wash done, that kind of thing.  We’re praying our new roof stays intact even though it hasn’t cured yet.  We did fill our vehicles up with gas yesterday and that’s a good thing, because the gas stations in town are now sold out (guess we all had the same idea!).  Just got back from the store and think we’re pretty well stocked.  The one thing we don’t have yet (and I say yet because we may be able to get one tomorrow) is a generator.  We can manage without electric because we have a gas stove for cooking and a wood stove for heat, but I’d hate to lose a freezer full of food.

So this morning at prayer meeting we talked about this storm and then someone prayed, and the prayer was for God to stop the storm or make it turn back out to sea.  And as that prayer was being prayed a passage of scripture came to mind (and I believe God put it there), that being when the disciples came to Jesus and asked him to feed the people and He responded, “You feed them!”  That always kind of baffled me, but I think I got it today.  They’d already seen him do it once, so they knew it could be done.  And they’d seen what faith could do on more than one occasion.  Jesus had taught them that faith as small as a mustard seed could move a mountain.  How many times do we ask God to do something when He is looking for someone with enough faith to actually believe they already have the authority to do what they’re asking Him to?  Who has the faith to rebuke this storm and say “Peace, be still!”



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