Walking in freedom


It’s been an interesting day.  I got to hear some great VOA testimonies from fellow students this morning, everything from the deaf hearing to a gang member being led to the Lord (through people “reading his mail”).  Our director told us that Michael W. Smith (who led the first two nights of worship) shared that he’d never been in a place where he felt God’s presence so much during worship.  I think it was the first night Bill Johnson spoke that he was suddenly distracted and then apologized and said he always gets that way when a feather floats down.  Testimonies continue to pour in to Global of healings and other miracles.  It’s begun, folks.  We’re officially not in transition anymore :)

Today was Tracks, and we did plenty of prophetic exercises.  It takes me a while to relax when doing those, and I need to get relaxed quicker because when I rest it’s much easier.  I suppose there’s still some fear of rejection or getting it wrong that comes out at those times, and it needs to be dealt with.  On the way home I was talking to God about it, telling Him that I really wanted to be free.  I didn’t hear Him say it but I “felt” a reminder that I already am free, and then I realized, yeah that’s right, I just need to walk it out!  So I prayed and asked Him to help me walk it out, and just like that a pileated woodpecker flew directly over my car, kind of flying along with me!  I could even hear it calling!  That may not seem like much, but God knows how to hug me, and they are right up there with four-leaf clovers :)  I may see one or two a year, and never one so close.  It was His way of saying “Atta girl!”

It’s been said that you are what you eat (physically speaking).  If all you eat is sweets and fattening stuff, you’re not going to be in very good shape.  Spiritually, I believe we have the choice of what words we “eat” as well.  Lies are like sweets in the sense that they are empty of any nutritional value spiritually and in fact can do a lot of damage.  It’s a lie to believe that I’m not free when Jesus already paid the price to make me free and who the Son sets free is free indeed!  Yet it’s easier to say I’m not free yet and wait for God to do something than it is to declare my freedom and walk in it (regardless of how I feel).  I’d rather focus on who God says I am than on who I believe I am not.  I like how He sees me and want to be that person.  She’s free :)


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