Headed for VOA


That’s “Voice of the Apostles”, a yearly conference that features the Revival Alliance from Global.  This year the speakers include Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Rolland and Heidi Baker, Tom Jones, Will Hart, Che Ahn, John Arnott, and Georgian Banov.  Kevin’s taking off work and going along, and I’m picking up a friend at the airport.  My young 1st year friend is also riding with us and we’re staying with family in the area.  On the way down we will stop at a friend’s house to pray for her (she is fighting ovarian cancer), although I awoke with a scratchy throat and earache so I may not go inside.  When someone’s on chemo, you don’t go near them if you’re sick.  Not that I’m claiming that sickness mind you.  For one who rarely gets sick the timing here hasn’t escaped my notice.  Last year I had a different kind of attack at VOA.  This one’s not so subtle.

Anyway, it’s going to be webcast for free, and I encourage everyone who can to tune in.  It should be awesome!  Exhausting, but awesome :)


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