You may know me as a Patti, but today I’m Michelle.  If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time it won’t take you long to figure out where this post is going, lol.  Here’s a hint:  In the past I’ve also been Delilah (as in “Hey There”).  Yep, woke up with a song again, but this time it was after a number of crazy dreams (like backing a bus onto a strip of land on a beautiful tropical island where I viewed amazing technicolor golden pheasant-type birds outside).  That’s pretty much all I remember…although there were black panthers in it…and I think they were after the birds.  In any event, when I was fully awake I just laid there and dedicated my life and my day to the Lord and asked Him to fill me with His Spirit and that’s when the “I love you, I love you, I love you” from Michelle played.  I love Holy Spirit :)  Of course I had to go look up the rest of the lyrics (couldn’t remember them in my rusty brain).  Yeah, they fit too.  :)

Yesterday I posted as my FB status one of Graham Cooke’s:  “We never exit worship. It is a melody that is either in the foreground or the background of our hearts. When it comes to the fore, we must give ourselves to it generously.”  I’ve decided to do just that.  And btw you’d be surprised how many pop songs can actually be worship songs.  I’ve sung Michelle back to Him.  Crazy to think we’re running toward each other but still not there yet.  Okay this is weird.  You know that large Haldron collider?  Yeah, that’s the picture I just got.  Interesting that in July they discovered a “God particle” using that.  Atom smashers are used to help us discover what matter is made of.  Methinks I have more than a few discoveries coming :)


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