Is it striving or contending?


I’ve received a lot of words lately that I need to quit striving.  I got another one during worship Friday morning from a fellow student.  She saw me digging holes all over a field searching for something.  To be honest that’s a pretty good picture of how I feel at times.  She also told me I’ve been running, running, running and that I don’t need to anymore because Jesus is running to me.  He’s going to meet me where I’m at.  So where am I?  I’ve been all over the map lately, lol.  It’s a good thing I don’t need to know where I am in order for Him to find me :)

I think there’s a fine line between striving and contending.  The definitions are similar (in fact each is used in the other’s), and they both translate into a lot of effort.  Hmmm, I wonder about that verse that the Spirit will “not always strive with man” what the root of strive is there?  In any event, this morning I awoke with the word “contend” strong in my mind.  At about the same time Kevin woke up and asked me what you do with something that keeps coming up in your mind.  When I asked what he was talking about he said he kept hearing “Flight 93, Seattle” in his half-awake state.  It’s the first time he’s had anything like that happen.  Anyway it brought to mind Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville on 9/11 but that was going to San Francisco.  But just in case the plane was in danger (from human or mechanical or any problem) we prayed against it.   Btw there is a Flight 93 that flies from Seattle to Anchorage and back.  You just never know.

This week flew again (they all seem to).  I got my outline done and turned in and started my next book assignment (2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity).  It’s a good book and I’m learning quite a bit.  Next week is VOA in Lancaster.  Conference weeks are tough, and VOA is probably the toughest.  Because of the large number of people (around 5,000) and the fact that they do ministry every night (which means students stay and do the ministering), it can make for some very long days.  My friend from Arkansas is coming up again, and a first-year student will also be staying with us which is good because hotels are sold out for 20-plus miles around.  I’m looking forward to it because Kevin’s taking off work and I hope he can come to all the sessions.  And this time when Randy does impartation Kevin better get up there when his hands start to burn!!!  He’s not heard Heidi Baker or Bill Johnson before, and I think John Arnott will also be speaking.  Should be awesome.

I started a fast the first of the month and VOA was part of the reason.  I’ve had to wonder if my fasting like this is part of the striving I’m supposed to stop doing, but I know that I’m hungriest for God when I fast.  Great things came out of last year’s (which I started the day after VOA).  I believe God honors fasts and I’m asking to hear His voice more clearly.  Anything else would be icing on the cake :)

Work on the house is coming along.  My youngest helped me scrape basement walls today in preparation for painting them.  I want to get that room cleaned up so we can start to move some things over.  There’s not much else I can do right now to help, it’s all man-type work.  I can probably start insulating the walls now that the electric is roughed in, but other than that I’m pretty much twiddling my thumbs until the drywall gets put up and is ready to paint.  Speaking of which we bought paint at Lowe’s yesterday and while we were there we walked past a bunch of clearance stuff.  We found a beautiful beveled-glass front door for $300!  It was originally $800 and had been a special order but they changed their minds!  And we also got a lamppost to put at the edge of our walk for half price (it was the display model).  I love when stuff like that happens, it’s like hugs from God :)

Tomorrow I get to see my friend who moved to Alaska three years ago (she’s come in for the week)!  Gonna get to spend some time with her Monday as well.  I can’t wait to see her again!  I sure have a lot to share :)


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