Deliverance 101


Last week we got our teaching assignments at GSSM.  Second-year students are required to teach what they have been learning during practicum in the spring.  There were five choices:  Five-step prayer model, Words of Knowledge, How to Hear God’s Voice, Prophecy, and Deliverance.  Students were told to choose two and they’d do everything they could to see we got what we chose.  Deliverance was at the bottom of the list for me, but after I turned my paper in I kept feeling as if that was what I was supposed to teach on.  I’d not chosen it because I felt as if I didn’t have enough experience with it, but realized later that that’s true about most of the others as well.  For what it’s worth, I got my second choice as well (words of knowledge) though I don’t have much experience there either.  But I felt I needed to learn more about deliverance (it’s a ministry that is sadly overlooked in most churches) and figured this would make me do it.  I’m about halfway through my outline.

In other news the house is coming along.  Yesterday we ordered the kitchen (that was a four-hour process at Lowe’s).  We ordered it in faith as our home equity loan hasn’t come through yet!  We’ve been assured it will and went ahead because there was a 5% rebate being offered through today.  Every little bit helps (in this case it will buy us a dishwasher).  We have to save where we can because we have limited funds.  Believe me, I’m watching for sales on everything at this point!  We were blessed with two free gallons of paint recently (for attending an open house–our name was pulled–thank you Jesus!), and I’m counting on some great Black Friday deals.  I figure by then we’ll be doing the great appliance search, lol.  It’s exciting but also a tremendous amount of work.  That on top of school and other things has kept me pretty doggone busy, to say the least.  Some days (and today was one of them) I hit the ground running and now (at 6:30 p.m.) realized I never really had any quiet time today, so I’m taking a break from my school work (and my blogging) to go sit and settle myself.  That’s something I’m still working on, but God’s getting me there.  That should be my first priority….


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