Taste the Rainbow


I really should write more often.  So much has been happening that if I wait to post it I forget and a lot gets lost.  It seems as if every day God teaches me something or shows up in some crazy new way.  Tuesday morning I awoke not to music this time but to the commercial for Skittles.  I heard a whispered “Skittles…taste the rainbow” just like the commercial, lol.  Well, that makes for an interesting day because I was looking for meaning everywhere!  It didn’t take all day, though, to put two and two together.

About halfway through the morning it dawned on me that the topic of the day was discernment and that’s when the memory of my sozo session in May came back, the one where I “saw” Jesus or Holy Spirit put prisms in my eyes.  At the time, they told me to ask Him what they were for, and I kind of felt that since prisms break white light into the seven colors of the rainbow that it was the gift of the discerning of spirits.  I can’t say that I heard God tell me that, I just sensed it.  I also wondered if it had anything to do with the seven spirits of God.

Anyway, that night I had a couple ladies over (our Monday Bible study was pushed a night) and asked one of them to pick up a bag of Skittles on the way.  As a prophetic act, I shared the story and then we prayed and tasted the rainbow together, lol.  

Whoever said Christianity was boring didn’t know Jesus.  


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