A little clarification


Okay, so sometimes when I write things it comes back to me later like a tape replaying itself and it’s as if I have a new set of ears.  When I realize I may have said something which could be construed in a negative way or in a way that I hadn’t meant, I feel a need to come back and clarify (hence, today’s post).

Yesterday I spoke about the picture of I got of the Flying Nun and said something to the effect that I was “coming out of a religion set in its ways.”  Well, FYI that was not Catholicism but one of the many Protestant denominations that doesn’t really believe that miracles and the gifts of the Spirit are for today.  I think Catholics are much more open to that (I’m sure they are to miracles), and I just wanted to make that plain.  I don’t purposely try to offend anyone, though I realize people can get offended by just about anything (Christians especially, for some reason).

Today I shared a word with someone who’s been a big encouragement to me.  I’d actually been asking for over a week for God to give me something for him and He did that today.  I was contemplating what to say to him and thinking about what I was going to do after class and I thought I heard “TJ Maxx.”  Well, that was new, but since I wasn’t sure where it came from and it was so random I thought maybe it was from God (I see a pattern forming!).  I didn’t know if that was for me or for him (the TJ Maxx thing).  So I shared the first word with him and he said it fit and was encouraged.  I breathed a sigh of relief and then told him there was one more thing.  You see I’d told God that if I was on with what I thought I got for him first that I’d share about the TJ Maxx thing too (how’s that for a fleece?!).  So I shared it and he said it was confirmation, that he’d been thinking about going there for something.   So yeah, I was pretty excited :)  And just in case the TJ Maxx thing was for me too I went as well, even asking the cashier if there was anything I could pray for her about.  She said no, and that’s okay.  I found a set of luggage for a good price (we need new luggage for a trip next year).

Now it’s time to unwind.  Tomorrow Randy Clark comes in to teach.  I think he’s teaching six days this school year.  One of those days he’ll do impartation (oh, the suspense!) :)


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