It starts….


What a weekend!  Yesterday we started the deconstruction on the house.  It was basically just my husband and I and my friend Mary’s husband Rich and their son Jacob.  My Matt came up at one point and helped out for a few hours too.  Such banging and carrying on!  And then they started to take the ceiling down and all that wonderful blown insulation entered our breathing space ~cough, cough~.  Yes, we used respirators, but they get really hot and I put mine off and on a lot.

After church we got back to work (yes, we have been known to work on Sundays).  Rich and Jacob had been there for two hours and had already accomplished quite a bit.  I’m actually quite amazed at how far along we are.  And I’m grateful to them for their help.  They are destructive maniacs, which is just what we needed :)  In the end, the 30-yard dumpster sitting in our driveway is two-thirds full…and there’s still more to do!  I’m glad we opted to get the larger size container!

We ordered windows.  I can’t believe how much they cost, but we are getting good ones and they have a five-year-same-as-cash deal.  By the time we’re done putting in new windows and insulating the house (we’re down to the bare studs now), you’ll be able to heat the place with a candle, lol.  Speaking of heat, the fireplace is going.  We probably wouldn’t have used it much anyway, so we decided to remove it (we’ll have to put in some additional support for the trusses).  We’ll end up with a “great room” and will probably put an island in close to where the fireplace was.  It’ll be nice.  We’re gonna go broke, but it’ll be nice, lol.

In other news, Eric Smith from Life Center came and taught on prayer on Friday and it was reallyreally good.  I especially appreciated the last part of his teaching on praying in the Spirit.  My understanding has grown quite a bit (as has my desire to actually do it), but I realize more than ever that it is not something I can make happen.  I went up and talked to him afterward and then he prayed for me (or was it prophesying?!) that Jesus would come to me at night and I’d wake up praying in the Spirit and there would be no striving to make it happen.  That works for me! :)


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