That awkward moment…


…when you get to school, look down, and realize you shouldn’t have put your sandals on in the dark!

Yes, I really did this today.  I’m sure the sleep deprivation is what kept me from feeling the difference (the one sandal is slightly higher).  That and I hurried out the door as soon as I put them on.  Fortunately you can go barefoot at Global.  Unfortunately, I had quite a few errands to run after class.  Yes, it did raise the some eyebrows, lol.

To the prophetic everything has meaning, and this “mistake” is no exception!  I’ll bet you didn’t know that your shoes can prophesy to you.  Today mine told me that I am different, set apart by God for something unique, and that I need to quit trying to fit in.  I also learned that though mistakes may make you uncomfortable, they don’t have to keep you from your destination.  In fact, sometimes they may even make the journey more interesting!

By the way, in case you were wondering you were made for something unique, too.  And I didn’t have to ask my shoes to know that :)


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  1. Oh Patti! Those are powerful messages through a mix of sandals! Awesome! What could make one cringe can instead make one run into Daddy’s lap and enjoy a sweet laughter together! Love you Dottie

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