Monarchs on the move


Summer is winding down.  I noticed when we got back from vacation a week or so ago that the monarch butterflies were passing through on their yearly migration to Central America.  Much like fireflies signal the start of summer heat at the beginning of June and cicadas mark the midsummer point a month later, another month passes and monarch wings whisper that summer is beginning to wind down.  Sure enough the cooler evenings soon followed, humidity dropped, and I begin to wonder when the freeze will come and kill my tomato and pepper plants.  The avocado tree we started last October is now two feet tall and thriving.  It’ll need to be moved indoors and no doubt require a larger pot soon (what were we thinking?!).  Kevin took the shutters off above the porch on the front of the house.  It would be nice to get the painting done this year, but that’s a baton I’ll gladly be handing off to my son soon enough.  I’m learning to say “Not my problem” lol.  No settlement on the house yet, btw.  More delays look to be pushing it to the week before school starts.  ~sigh~

I went to the 10th Pursuit conference at Global on Friday night and Saturday.  It’s not my personal 10th one but the 10th Will Hart has put on.  Matt Sorger was in for this one.  I’d not heard of him (but there are still plenty of folks in these streams that I’ve not heard of).  He was quite funny on Friday night and had people laughing until their faces hurt.  It’s probably not good that that’s what I remember most about the evening, but then again joy is powerful :)  There was some ministry time at the end and a few were getting touched.  One of those was the friend who prayed for me at VOP this year during worship.  She was sitting right behind me and it was great to reconnect!  We actually had lunch together on Saturday, and to be honest that’s what I’ll remember most about this conference because she once again did that prophetic thing she does and put her finger on a couple of things in my life that needed some attention.  She also shared a profound statement with me that she said came from Bob Jones (evidently she sat under his teaching some years back).  He said, “Worship is the enema of the mind!”  Wrap your head around THAT one, lol.  And then go worship :)

Two young ladies from our church also went to the conference, and last night they told me they wanted to go the church early to pray.  So this morning we arrived a half hour before prayer meeting and spent some time in prayer together sitting on the floor in front of the altar.  They stayed for prayer meeting too, and it was good.  God’s definitely doing something in our little body.  I gave a word that God gave to me yesterday as I was praying at Global, and I believe it was received.  I hadn’t even shared it with Kevin yet (and he was leading the prayer meeting!) because I got in late last night.  Anyway, as I was praying for Perry yesterday I got a picture of torn nets being mended.  I felt as if God was telling us to mend our nets and get ready because a great harvest is coming!  Our nets had been pretty much shredded because of a church split and other nastiness, but God’s been helping us put things back together (hopefully better and stronger than before!).  Anyway I even went so far as to pray for 153 people (the number caught in the net when Jesus told the disciples to cast the net on the other side) to be “caught” this year in those nets–and I’m not talking about transfer growth, Christians who have just transferred from some other church they had a problem with.  No, I’m talking lost people who need to know how much God loves them!  So yeah, it was a great prayer meeting.  Monarchs aren’t the only ones on the move!  So’s the King!  Yay, God! :)



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