Viva la Vida!


Just back from a few days at the shore.  We had a great time with our oldest and his family, enjoying plenty of surf, sun, and sand!  It was nice to have a vacation, even if it was short (only four days).  It’s the first vacation Kevin’s had in a year and a half (since the Iditarod in March of 2011).  He needed this breather and we made some sweet memories!

Today was a day to catch up on laundry and other things and it started well enough, with some quiet time and a fresh determination to run this race.  I’ve been rereading “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” by Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson.  When I read Bill’s testimony a couple of days ago something clicked again.  I say again because it’s not the first time I’ve had the realization that my best moments (like Bill shared his had been) are when I am not navel gazing in introspection but focused outward.  I decided I was done with introspection and choose to believe God’s promises and what He says about me.  Somehow I kept getting sucked back into old patterns of thought and the feelings associated with them.  At times it seemed as if I was literally pushing against something in my mind and the sensation was almost palpable.  Dale Mast mentioned in his prophecy over me in January that he saw something over my brain (a “web” I think he called it).  In any event, though it wasn’t a lot of time, this morning I told the Lord basically that I want to live my life with the unseen Kingdom being more of a reality to me than what I can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell naturally.  I said other things, and basically poured my heart out and then heard the chorus of “Hey, there Delilah” play, “Oh, it’s what you do to me, oh, it’s what you do to me.”  I immediately thought of the Song of Solomon where the Bridegroom speaks about what just one glance of her eyes does :)  Anyway that made my heart sing!

Halfway through the day I was informed that there was a problem when the title search was done on our house, so that necessitated a trip to the bank to try to clear things up.  There were three old liens against the property, one even from when before we bought it.  I was certain we’d bought title insurance 25 years ago, but when I came home I couldn’t find (and still haven’t) the packet of papers from the purchase of our home.  I spent hours looking for it, and in the process discovered two old diaries, which distracted me for at least an hour or two while I read them.  I was a pretty messed up chick back then, but I found an unexpected nugget, the mention of my meeting with Betty Charles so many years ago.  I wrote that we prayed for the baptism of the Spirit for me.  And it was on the way home that it happened.  Funny that I didn’t remember that we’d actually prayed for it.  And I wish I’d have written more than the short “incredible peace” that obviously left me short on words.  I also didn’t mention the tongues that preceded said baptism (they weren’t mine, I was repeating a line of what she had said).  In any event, it was a sweet memory, and as I read it could feel His presence again, which was so sweet!

Later I checked my email and I’d received a weekly newsletter from my friend Laurie.  It was good, and it ended with an exhortation to “Live a life that is worthy.”  I dropped her a note saying that I appreciated what she wrote and that I really desired to live a life that is worthy.  Immediately after that I got another encouraging note from a different friend and at the end she asked “And what song are you now singing?” and I had to reply that I didn’t know it very well but I was singing the tune and the line about “missionaries in a foreign field.”  That kind of baffled me, so I looked it up and it’s called “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay.  The lyrics are interesting, and I was trying to figure out why that song was playing (asking my DJ, in other words!) and that’s when I saw the meaning of the title:  Live the Life!

When you are alive to God, everything has significance.  God is intentional in His love toward me.  I want to live just as intentionally.  I want to live the life!

Someone told me a story once about a violinist who was playing at a concert and one of the strings broke.  No problem, he continued the song with the remaining three.  Then another broke, and another.  Soon he was doing on one string what most can’t do on four.  I may not be able to hear God with all four strings, but He sure knows how to play that one string I do have!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  He speaks to me through songs.  And today even through song titles!  But I love it, and this makes me love Him even more.  Just like it says in Hey There Delilah…”If every simple song I wrote to you would take your breath away, I’d write it all, even more in love with me you’d fall.”  Bring it on :)


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