Things are going swimmingly


Despite the fact that for some U.S. Olympians things are not going so well in the pool, things at my home are going swimmingly!  That’s a rather strange expression and sounds British, but I happen to like the British, lol.  The appraisal came back on the house and, much to my surprise (oh me of little faith), it was the exact number we needed!  This means that closing on both properties will occur in approximately two weeks, and then the real Olympics will begin!  The categories shall include crowbar wielding, weightlifting (of sledgehammers and debris), and the deconstructor’s discus, i.e., tossing large chunks of wallboard etc. into a dumpster!  There will be no medals awarded, because we’re all winners.  And this still seems like a dream….  And now Mr. Rogers’ version of that infamous tune begins to play in my head…Propel, propel, propel your craft gently down aqueous solution.  Exultantly, exultantly, exultantly, exultantly, existence is but an illusion!  King Friday was a different sort of bird, but there’s some truth to what he wrote.  Life can seem unreal at times, especially when all we take in is what comes to us through our eyes and ears and mouth.  I want the unseen realm to be more real to me than what I can view, hear, taste, and feel in the natural.

Last night a group of ladies came over to hear my friend Mary give her testimony.  Afterward questions were asked and there was some good discussion, and I was happy with how things went.  I think in general a lot of Christians are getting tired of “doing church.”  I’m happy to be a part of introducing them to “the more.”  Everybody’s on their own journey, though, and you have to respect where people are.  It wasn’t too long ago that I’d probably have balked at some of the stuff I heard last night (mostly because there was a lot of fear in my life), but I’m learning to confront my fears.  I was especially concerned that I could possibly be deceived.  It was kind of like not wanting to get a counterfeit bill so I studied counterfeits when really the focus needs to be on knowing the original so well that you instantly know with just a glance whether it’s real or not.  Anyway, I trust the Holy Spirit in me.  He always leads me to Truth.  Even if I take a wrong turn and get off the trail, He leads me back to the right path.  I’ll keep my eyes on Him :)


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