Summer vacation


So far this summer has been anything but a vacation. Instead of the leisurely lounging with book in hand I had pictured, my hand has been gripping either a scraper or a paintbrush! I am feeling my age, folks, and running out of steam. The what-were-we-thinking thoughts have shown up en masse, and though they’ve been bouncing off for the most part, I do find myself wondering if I’ll have the energy to get everything done that I need to before school starts in the fall. First there’s the appraisal coming up in about ten days. I’d planned on working on the overdue project of painting the windows and porch even before this was all set in motion, but now the push is on! The porch is looking good and I have two of ten windows done. Shutters on the porch were a breeze, but for some reason the ones on the side of the house are a mess and I’m having to scrape them. That’s slow going. I’m having to pretty much take them down to bare wood. ~sigh~ The heat doesn’t help. I tend to wilt when it gets like this, so I try to get up early and work until noon. I made it to almost 3 today. Perhaps I’ll go out later after my batteries recharge.

Speaking of batteries, I must be getting like an old one. I can’t hold a full charge anymore, need to be plugged in and “rest/recharge” more frequently, and just don’t have the energy I used to, lol.


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