On simplifying your life


One would not normally think that purchasing a home would be a way of simplifying one’s life, but that’s exactly what’s happening…or will be when this process is over. My head is still spinning at how fast this has all happened, but this is such a God thing that although I could be overwhelmed, I’m not allowing myself to go there. It will be a good thing, even though there will be some pain involved. Some of that pain will be physical (i.e., a LOT of work to do) but there’s other kinds as well.

As I sit here and look around my den I glance up at a small bulletin board loaded with things that have to go. Why was I saving all those name tags from poetry and Global conferences anyway? This place is littered with sentimental things that really have no value and take up space. There’s an old bugle that Kevin got one year for Christmas (somewhere I have a picture of him playing it). Do we really need to keep that? What about the mako shark’s jaws mounted on driftwood, the sombrero hanging from a set of antlers off a deer his grandfather shot back in 1980? Then there are the books, most of which I haven’t touched in years. With Kindles and such, do I really need to have them taking up space? And so it starts, the Great Decluttering! I feel lighter already :)

Some of the things will go in the trash and some will be set out at a yard sale where I’ll watch it go for next to nothing. And what doesn’t go will go one way or the other (thank the Lord for Goodwill!). We’ve already decided we’re leaving some large items behind for the kids. Their sofa was shot anyway, and our sectional is really too big for the place we’re moving into. So’s our dining room table, for that matter (which has enough boards to stretch it to 14 feet). We don’t need two TVs anymore, so the big one downstairs is staying, and while we’re at it we might as well leave the stereo/surround sound system that’s attached to it. I think it’s time to finally get that Bose Wave Kevin’s wanted for years.

We’ve talked some about what we’d like to do and have decided since we were going to need to upgrade from the 60 amp service anyway that we might as well put in a heat pump and central air. We could hard wire an alarm/smoke system as well. Last night I got the brainy idea that (while we’re at it) we might as well put in a central vac system. Better watch those while-we’re-at-it words though. I’ve learned from past experience that they can lead to large expenditures, lol.

It’s fun to dream. And while we’re dreaming, our kids are dreaming about moving here. We’re moving into a place half as big as what we have now and they’re doing just the opposite (and then some). They’re excited because they need more space! Tomorrow we have to do more than dream though. It’s time to paint the porch and get going with the windows on our current home. We would pick the hottest day of the year to start, lol. Think we’ll get up early to beat the heat!


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