Sometimes hugs have five leaves


Yesterday was one of those days where I just felt tired and blue and so I told God in the morning that I could really use a hug. I realize I should ask for hugs every day and not wait until I’m down, but in any event, I kept my eyes open through the day.

Hugs can take many forms, like an up-front parking spot when you’re really in a hurry or a flat of chicken wings for fifty cents a pound because they’re about to expire, or seeing a pileated woodpecker (I love those reclusive birds). Sometimes a hug can be a call from a friend who gives an encouraging word. I know someone who says her hugs are shooting stars. Yesterday’s hug was discovered while walking through someone’s lawn. I love to look for four-leaf clovers, you see, though I rarely find them without stopping and actually hunting for them. Yesterday’s hug was found mid-stride, my eyes landing randomly in a patch of clover. He wanted to make sure I knew He was thinking about me :)


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