I could get used to this…


Day two of winging it with my schedule and I’m liking it! Yesterday I spent a couple hours in the morning just reading and in prayer and soaking to one of Graham Cooke’s CDs. I’m happy to report that I am beginning to hear from the Lord more clearly, recognizing thoughts that “break in” more and more, and realizing that yes, He’s been speaking to me for years and I’ve been oblivious for the most part! I hope to try a little journaling today. Folks I know say it’s extremely helpful, but it’s been somewhat of a stumbling block for me.

In any event, I’m doing some wash then plan on listening to some praise music while cleaning. Other possibilities for the day include mowing (but hopefully I can get Matt to do that) and writing (if the Spirit moves me). I like to take old songs and change the lyrics, and I’ve had “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly” on my brain lately (except it’s “There was a young lady who swallowed a lie” with a twist).

In other news, my daughter-in-law was over a couple of days ago and said she got her first hate mail re her raising of meat rabbits. Evidently she put an ad on Craig’s list and someone’s targeted her with a note filled with profanity and other curses. That got me thinking about some of the searches people have used to find this blog. Recently there was one for “Global Supernatural Ministry Cult”. I’d love to have a discussion with them, find out what’s going on in their lives, why they believe it’s a cult. Not that I believe I can change anyone’s mind–for the most part people are pretty stuck in their beliefs until God actually encounters them in a very real way. There’s no argument when that happens, when all your boxes get blown apart and your neatly filed theology lies scattered around that room in your brain where your understanding of God had been stored. No, there’s no substitute for that. Thankfully, He likes order and it does get restored. I like what Graham Cooke says about knowledge and experience. He said that if something comes to you through the “knowledge door” it needs to go out through the “experience door” (and vice versa). So if you have an experience, God wants you to have an understanding of it. And likewise if you learn something, if it comes to you as knowledge, He will give you an experience to complete it. If that is true, then I have a lot of experiences waiting in the wings :)


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