Settling in for the summer


It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I feel as if I’m finally beginning to settle in for the summer.  I worked at the food outreach this morning but have the rest of the day off, and tomorrow and Thursday are free as well, so perhaps I can begin to unwind.  I’m trying to not commit to too many things, though I did volunteer to help run cameras a couple of days a week during GSI (starting next week), and we might actually be hosting a couple of young people who are attending.  But for now at least I’m going to kick back.  I did finish my “ladder planter” and it turned out nice…

The next big project is the front porch, which needs paint…badly. Kevin’s been taking Mondays off and I suppose that’ll be the next thing we tackle. That and the retaining wall around the flower bed. And then there’s the new roof at some point. ~sigh~ I never thought condos would appeal to me, but the older I get… :)


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