It’s June already?


If the past two weeks are any indication, this summer is going to fly by!  You’d think I’d have had more time to write with school being over, but somehow writing seems to get pushed to the back burner.  I’ve been busy as ever, and last week attended the Awaken the Dawn conference put on by the Fredericksburg (Virginia) Prayer Furnace with my friend Mary.  We had a great time and I’m so glad I went.  This is basically the first “non-Global” conference I’ve been to and it was good.  Lots of good teaching, worship, and prayer time.  We stayed with a couple who were 2nd-year students this year, and they were fantastic hosts.  Mary and I had a room downstairs and it was almost like a hotel suite.  Even though we were tired  most nights we caught a second wind when we got horizontal and talked and prayed and laughed together until well after midnight.

One of those nights (it may have been the first one) I started telling her about Alaska and my friend up there and we started praying and she “saw” what she described as a green ribbon of light which was moving in the corner of the room (which I couldn’t see, but told her that it sounded like the aurora borealis).  Then she saw some stars.  And I’m lying there praying to see it too when all of a sudden this bright green light shines on the ceiling!  It took me a second to realize my cell phone had turned on, lol.  We had a good laugh over that one, though I thought it was awfully sweet of the Holy Spirit to do that.  I couldn’t see it in the spiritual so He let me see the green light with my natural eyes :)  For some reason I took note of the time.  The next night guess what happened at 12:18?  Yep, it turned on again.  Here’s the thing, though.  The light was not green!  I tested it a couple of times (turning it off and on) and when it turns on it is definitely not green!  Oh, and it was 12:18 again.  So I made a mental note to look that up in the morning and felt that it would be Matthew.  After reading it, I believe it was :)

Anyway Reinhard Bonnke spoke on Friday night and I ended up buying his autobiography (which is almost three inches thick!).  He signed it afterward and all I could do was smile and say thank you when he smiled at me and handed it back, saying “God bless you!” as he did so.  I had the same sort of experience locking eyes with him for that moment as I did with Will Hart when we first met last September.  So much life there, and a recognition of some sort.  They’re both evangelists…hmmm….  Btw I’ve since finished the book and it’s well worth reading.

Anyway, that was a week ago already and though I meant to write this week it just didn’t happen.  I need to be more intentional about blogging because if I’m not it won’t happen.  That’s the way life is really.  If we don’t live intentionally, it will just pass us by and the things that we want to get done won’t happen because we won’t make time for them.  I have some shuffling and rearranging of priorities to do because if I just wing it this summer will be gone before I know it.  Well actually that’ll happen regardless of what I plan, lol.  I suppose I should make a list, that usually helps.  I think I’ll do that tomorrow after church.  Wait, we’re going to Lancaster County to visit family tomorrow.  Maybe Monday…but I watch Connor on Monday.  For sure Tuesday…after I work at the food bank, then work at the church…but I have a council meeting that night.  Perhaps Wednesday….  :)



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