You know you’re getting old…


…when you no longer say “I’m going to feel this tomorrow” because you feel it today!  I stained our deck today, 20 x 20 with railing around half of it.  It took about eight hours, and I feel as if I’ve been run over by a truck, lol.  It’s my own fault, I started hurting before I was even halfway done, but when I set my mind to do something I can be pretty stubborn.  I’m glad it’s done though.  We do it every other year, and I’d like to not be here in two years when it needs it again, lol.  Condos are becoming more appealing, although there are none around here!

Well it’s been almost a week since I last wrote.  Dan Mohler was great, and Saturday morning’s sozo session was good as well.  I’m still getting comfortable with using my imagination in those types of settings, but had some interesting things happen that confirmed that yes, God does meet us there, too.  Some would argue against that, but I realized today that it makes perfect sense.  I mean, thoughts come to us all the time, why not images?  And with some due diligence and training (as well as sensitivity to the Spirit), it’s not difficult to discern their origin.  In any event, the Holy Spirit gave me a gift during that session and I’m still wondering what it means.  I’m sure He’ll show me at some point.

Graduation (technically called a commissioning service) was held Saturday night and went off without a hitch.  It ended late and people hung around to talk, then we went to Friendly’s for some ice cream and ended up not getting home until around 1.  An online student came and stayed with us, and in the morning we made her breakfast before she left.  It was great getting to know her better.  I was pretty tired and as we were having company for mother’s day ended up staying home from church to get ready for that.

The week’s been pretty low-key but busy.  There’s a conference at Global but I opted to sit it out.  I watched the free webcast tonight and it looks good (it’s on inner healing).  I volunteered to help with the cameras so I might have the opportunity to go onsite for some of it if I hear back from them.  If not I’ll just keep putzing around.  Still have the picnic table to treat, although I’d like to pass on any manual labor for a few days!

I’ve been reading The Heavenly Man.  My love for God seems so cold compared to Brother Yun’s….


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