It was another incredible day at Global today.  Dan Mohler was back speaking about becoming love, and it really was the perfect way to end the school year.  For all the things we learned these past nine months, if it’s not done from a place of love it profits nothing!  Our whole goal and purpose isn’t the supernatural, it’s love!  It’s not about receiving blessings from God, it’s about becoming love.  Human beings loving like God is already supernatural :)  It’s unfortunate that Christians tend to be better at drawing picket lines and protesting instead of walking in love.

I learned something new today about that passage where Jesus did not commit himself to them because He knew all men.  What that means is he didn’t give them permission to determine who he was.  He didn’t entrust his identity to them.  Despite that, he still died on the cross and gave his life for those very ones!  The cross doesn’t expose your sin, it removes your sin to reveal your value :)

At one point he spoke about baptism.  I found myself wishing they had a baptismal font at Global (or an inflatable pool, lol).  At break I told him if they did I’d ask him to rebaptize me!  He said that wasn’t necessary, and I said I knew that, but that I didn’t understand its meaning 33 years ago.  He said when he got saved he baptized himself in his bathtub, so guess what I did when I got home?  :)


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