Let’s live this thing!


Dan Mohler taught at Global today.  I’d watched his “Becoming Love” YouTube videos, which were great, but today was better.  Perhaps it’s a timing thing, i.e., God having me positionally at the right place to receive more.  All I know is I’ve never been so rocked to my socks.  I’ve also never heard a simpler message that was as profound as today’s.  He started in 1 Timothy 1:5, “But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”  Jesus modeled that life, the life we are designed for, and then died so we could live it too.  God doesn’t set us up to fail, but the world’s way of thinking (the way that seems right to a man) messes us up along the way.  We somehow get caught up in the rat race, which btw you can win (but you’re still a rat!).  His challenge boiled down to four words:  “Let’s live this thing!”  More challenging thoughts:

  • Don’t ever let sin against you produce sin in you!
  • I’m a wheat, not a tare; I’m a keeper fish!
  • He likes that I believe in Him!
  • Love that never fails is the strength of your life.
  • The evidence of being free from myself is when I’m free from you.
  • You have no power over me except to encourage me, edify me, cheer me on, and run with me!
  • Your eye should be single, not multiple choice!
  • My situations don’t determine who I am.
  • Success in ministry is when you love the person beside you and in front of you.
  • I look in the mirror and see the will of God.
  • My story isn’t who I am, His story is who I am!
  • You’re clay, put yourself in the right hands, the right Master’s.

With Dan, it’s never been about resisting the devil, it’s been submitting to God (it’s a one-step process to him!).  He talked some about “buttons” and how people talk about how others push theirs.  Well, Jesus didn’t have any buttons and neither does Dan (except a love button!).  If you’re a touchy person, you’re going to be touched, so disable those buttons!  We are not to be products of what we have been through, but products of what He (Jesus) has been through!  We become what we behold!  The truth makes you free, not the past, the truth!  There’s a reason Paul said he pressed on and didn’t look back.

The day went too fast.  He said at the end, “If I have one anointing in my life, it’s to eat the clock!”  I stayed afterward to talk to him, and told him I haven’t totally died to myself and am not really sure how to.  He talked to me and prayed with me and I left in tears, came home, and poured out my heart to God.  It was my plan to stay in my room until God met me (there I go trying to tell God what to do again!), but a friend’s mother had passed away and after a couple of hours felt impressed to go.  I told myself, “Okay, Patti, this isn’t about you. Go and comfort your friend.”  And so I did, and somewhere along the way He brought peace.  I thought about how some people had instant miracles, instant healings, and how others were healed as they went.  Perhaps I’m an as-you-go girl.  Yes, I keep wanting to see His face, to be wrecked by His love, to really do this thing, but it’s a process for me, and it’s happening as I go.  God IS expanding my heart.  I am further along than I was at the beginning of the year, and the longer I go the hungrier I get.  I am anticipating great things tomorrow…and maybe even tonight, who knows?!  God does, and I trust Him.  Let’s live this thing!  Let’s become love :)


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  1. I wouldn’t disable those “buttons”. I think that the “buttons” are very necessary to remind us of our humanity and our fallibility……..and they also provide us with an opportunity to show God’s grace to others.

    Thanks for sharing your walk!


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