The gospel saves us from us, too


Todd White has been teaching at Global the last two days and I went on site for it.  Today was especially powerful.  I heard him speak at GSI last summer and have since seen him in Darren Wilson’s films and YouTube videos.  His testimony is powerful and succinct, and if more Christians got it we’d rock the world.  The real test of someone’s life isn’t just what they say, it’s the fruit that’s on their tree.  Todd gets the identity thing and hasn’t lived under condemnation for seven-and-a-half years (that’s how long he’s been a Christian).  His teaching was rich and full and I had a hard time scribbling notes fast enough.  Basically he said that you can’t destroy the works of the devil if you think like him.  But you don’t unlearn what you’ve been taught, you renew your mind.  Todd said he’s “So free from me that I’m free from you!”  He’s so heavenly minded that he’s earthly incredible, and he lives a 24/7 Kingdom lifestyle that never shuts down.  He’s passionately in love with Jesus and walks in power and love.  Here are some great quotes from the past two days:

  • You don’t need to come against the spirit of religion, you need to walk in the spirit which exposes it.
  • It’s not rebuking the devil that sets you free, it’s the truth that sets you free.
  • If your focus is on His return (“I can’t handle this, get me out of here!”) then it’s still all about you.  What you’re saying is “To heaven with me and to hell with everybody else!”
  • People talk about the cost of something and say “This will cost you,” but the reality is the only thing it will cost you is you will have to give up something you were never created to be in the first place.
  • It is out of intimacy that we destroy the works of the devil.
  • Jesus knew we would need the Comforter because we’re going to be required to be uncomfortable!
  • God says it.  Either He’s right or we’re wrong!
  • We don’t need to look for the grass that’s greener on the other side, we need to water our own lawn!
  • Everybody wants the power of His resurrection, but they don’t want the fellowship of His suffering.

He spent a lot of time today talking about “the way that seems right to a man” which leads to death.  The prophets in the past prophesied of a day to come.  They saw it but couldn’t have it; we have it but don’t know what we have!  The only closed heaven is between our ears, folks!  If God is for you, who cares who’s against you!  We can’t allow our experiences and living by feelings to determine the gospel.  If we think like the devil, we dethrone God in our minds.  The way that seems right to a man is the enemy of God.

Todd actually had to leave early, so at the end of class he had us bow our heads and put our hands on our hearts and then he prayed a powerful prayer that hit me like a ton of bricks.  Ben realized that God was moving in a lot of people and said they were going to put some music on and those who wanted to were welcome to stay.  I stayed.  He came over at one point and prayed for me and when he prayed, “Enlarge her heart, Lord” I felt something (and I could tell he did too because of his reaction).  Perhaps if I’d have been standing I’d have gone down but I was sitting in my chair.  Hard to describe, but God definitely touched me.  And even typing that now my hands are getting woozy.  You probably didn’t know hands could get woozy did you, but I’ve been noticing it lately.

Stopped on the way home to visit and pray for a friend who had surgery last week.  When I told her about the hands thing (and I told her because they were getting like that again) she moved over beside me and asked me to pray (she had pain in her leg), so I put my hand on her leg and prayed.  The pain didn’t go away but she said, “I feel peace.”  Peace is good.  The world needs peace :)

Btw two students came up to me (one during worship, one at a break) and prophesied over me.  Both were powerful.  I really needed to hear the first, which boiled down into two words “Be patient!”  Hahahaha!  I literally laughed when she said God was telling me to be patient because Kevin’s been trying to tell me that for over a month.  I’m really trying to be, honest!  I just want more.  I want to be so in love with Jesus that the things of earth grow strangely dim and be so wrecked by His love that I stop looking for encounters and become one!  :)


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