Take up your bed and walk!


To those alive to the prophetic, everything has significance!  VOP was the eighth Global conference I attended since all this began a year ago.  Seven stands for completion, eight for new beginnings, and in many ways that held true for this conference.  The teaching was phenomenal, I was stretched more than a little, and had some interesting things happen, especially yesterday.  It started with worship.  On a few occasions (and yesterday was one) worship turns into something else, and yesterday I was feeling “stopped up” so I’d been talking to God about that when I felt a pair of hands rest lightly on my shoulders and heard a woman’s voice quietly praying in tongues behind me.  I felt that whoever this was was interceding for me and began to push for a breakthrough (which I got :).  After worship I turned around and gave this woman a hug and she said something to the effect of the wells being uncorked, which was exactly how I felt, lol.  At lunch she was behind me in line and I asked her some questions.  I’ve got a lot to learn and wanted to know why she did what she did.  She informed me that she’s been to a few Global events and God had pointed me out to her so she’d been waiting on His timing and that morning He’d said go.  She lives a couple of hours away and I hope we can connect in the future.  She prayed for me before the afternoon session started and it was powerful :)

In the afternoon my friend from Florida leaned over and told me that a bunch of angels just came around me and there was a big one behind me with a flaming sword.  She sees things in the spirit, which some people may scoff at, but I believe her.  Not long after that the speaker (Jamie Galloway, a seer) said that angels had entered the room with commissioning.  Her words had weight, too, because she’d said other things previously which were confirmed.  Oh, and she’d leaned over earlier in the day (before this other lady prayed for me) and told me that “God was making room” (in me, is how I took that).  The lady who prayed for me after lunch prayed that God will expand my heart and make more room.  Have I mentioned how much I like Voice of the Prophets?  If the church could only get how important the gift of prophecy is!!!!

In the evening we moved to the ARC for a healing service.  Randy taught on words of knowledge first and it got late quick, but then he gave the opportunity for those who’d had a word to come forward and give them.  During worship I had gotten terrible pain in the bottoms of both feet (cramping I think), so I went up and gave that and a couple of people raised their hands.  Incidentally, the woman to my right (who spoke first) said flat feet and fallen arches, so there we were together both with words about foot pain, which felt like confirmation to me!  In any event, a few came up for prayer afterward, and then others came who had other issues.  But there’s one I’ll always remember.  The woman came up to me and told me she had fibromyalgia.  I prayed for her but for some reason was thinking it was along the lines of chronic fatigue.  Anyway afterward I asked if she felt anything and she said no but that her pain had moved (that’s when I realized my mistake–it was pain, not a draining of energy I was going after!).  Of course the dead giveaway was the pain moving.  I prayed a short prayer against the afflicting spirit and then asked her if she felt anything and she said, I felt it move from my lower leg up my body and out my head!  It lifted off of me!  The pain is gone!  YAAAAAAY GOD!  Pretty cool, huh?  If He can use me, He can use anyone :)

I had a chance to give a testimony at church today and shared what had happened.  I also (for the first time) shared that there had been a prophetic word of a healing ministry for me.  I feel as if I’m “out of the closet” now, lol, and a few of the congregants came up and encouraged me afterward.  I did pray for a woman before the service began who has dementia.  After the service I prayed for a young mother fighting ovarian cancer.  Then there was a young boy who has serious eczema that wakes him up three times a night.  I prayed and then suggested a concoction I’d used a year before for some skin issues.  Hope to hear back how that goes and whether he improves.

We got to spend some time with my friend from Florida before we had to take her back to the airport.  She gave me a little gift, one of those timers that beeps so that I can use it to remind me to pray or to check my thoughts, etc.  So far so good :)  I really enjoyed getting to know her better.  It’s great getting to know people online, but there’s no substitute for real time spent with people.  I’m hoping she’ll come on site for second year, but God would have to move a few mountains first (which of course He can do if it’s to happen).  Time will tell!

Three more weeks of school.  Hard to believe first year is almost over.  I have to get going and finish reading a book (the report is due Tuesday), so I’m going to sign off.  Hope to have more stories to share soon!  :)

P.S.  Editing back in because I realize I forgot to explain the title!  This morning I awoke at 5:24, so I asked God, “What book?”  I “heard” Luke.  I dozed back off to sleep but when I got up I looked it up and it was the passage about the man who was healed when Jesus commanded him to take up his bed and walk.  We’d sung a song the night before, and it had been playing in my head before I even went to look up the verse.  It was also the song which had been playing when I got my word of knowledge!  So when I read that I realized it wasn’t just about a lame man who was healed.  I felt as if God was telling me it was time to get off my butt and start walking out what I have been learning!  And it’s just not me.  The church has been “lying around” for far too long as well, crippled by unbelief and bad doctrine, and it’s time to get with the program!


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