Running on empty


Yesterday I attended the Network Meeting at Global Awakening.  Graham Cooke taught, and it was awesome, as usual.  It was also great that Kevin was able to take off work and join me for the day, although he’ll pay for that (but as he says, I won’t be home until late the rest of the week anyway so he can work late to make up for it).  My friend, Lynn, from Florida joined me.  She’s staying through the conference, and it’s been great getting to know her (she’s a real sweetie).  Voice of the Prophets kicked off in the evening.  It’s being held at Christ Community Church again, and is near capacity.  After some rousing calisthenics–I mean worship, lol (I love to jump!)–Rick Joyner spoke.  I’d not heard him speak before, and he’s a great speaker.  He talked about some of the things God revealed to him after a seven-year prophetic “drought” years back, in which in two-and-a-half days God did a HUGE download.  Most of what was downloaded that time, btw, has already come to pass.  Rick was one of the ones who prophesied some time ago that the next move of God would be faceless and nameless, i.e., it’s not going to be about “God’s man of the hour” but ordinary Christians doing the work of the Kingdom (yahoo!!!).  Anyway, he’s coming up on the end of another seven-year period of relatively nothing (prophetically speaking) and is anticipating another download.  I especially liked the one he shared about the tribulation.  I don’t remember if it was a dream or vision, but he was standing at a big naval ship’s radar and he saw this blip coming towards the ship, so he gave orders for the ship to turn but the blip kept coming.  Whatever way he turned it kept coming, and so he finally just braced himself because they were on a collision course for whatever it was.  Blip, blip, blip…..and it was gone and nothing happened.  He asked, “Lord, what was that?”  And he heard, “That was the tribulation.”  Ha!  That’s what it’ll be like for those who are close to Jesus.  :)

I’d had some good talks with Lynn earlier, and God had been dealing with me on some things.  I always find it interesting when He’ll “talk to me” about something and then either the speaker or the worship leader will then sing or talk about it.  One such instance yesterday was when I was asking God to take my nothing and make something out of it.  He created the world out of nothing, and He doesn’t need any of “my abilities” (although I realize He’s made us all with a unique calling and purpose).  Still, immediately after I was thinking and praying about that, Steve Swanson went off on a worship tangent (not part of a song) about that very thing!  That always encourages me.  So yesterday I was thinking a lot about emptying myself.  I’m not sure how to do that but I keep telling God, “I empty myself for You to come and fill and use for Your purposes.”   Philippians 2:7 came to mind, where Jesus “emptied himself, taking the form of a bondservant and being made in the likeness of man.”  I like the NIV, which says he “made himself nothing.”  If He needed to do that, how much more so do we?

At the end of the service the ministry team (GSSM students and anyone trained on any of Global’s international missions trips) was asked to come forward and pray for any who needed healing or prayer for anything.  The line stretched the whole way across the front and halfway up the sides of the building!  And as I stood there I prayed that same thing, “Lord, I empty myself for You to use.”  I didn’t feel the “pressure” that I’ve felt other times (or is it fear, the what-if-He-doesn’t-show-up type).  The first lady who came up actually came to me and another young student beside me.  There weren’t enough people (at first) who came up, so we “double teamed” her.  She had a pain in her back that was chronic and would come and go for years.  It took three times, but she said she felt better.  Then another woman came up (and by now more people were coming) and asked for prayer for her knees.  She’s a runner and is starting to have pain in them.  So I asked if I could put my hands on her knees and got down on my own and prayed something like “God, you’re the knee man, give this lady some new cartilage and cushioning and take away her pain.”  (Yeah, I’m not sure where “knee man” came from, lol.)  She said her knees “felt wobbly” when I prayed and that they felt better.  I’ll take wobbly, lol.  The third lady who came up had two torn rotator cuffs.  I prayed.  No change.  I prayed again.  No change.  Then I reminded her that sometimes healing doesn’t happen in an instant.  The Bible says we’ll lay our hands on the sick “and they will recover.”  Happened to a lady in our church who was on dialysis and now is not.  Wasn’t an instantaneous miracle, but she “recovered.”  In any event, I encouraged her to continue believing for healing (she doesn’t want to have surgery but wants God to heal her) and to continue to come forward for prayer.  The last lady I met on my way back to my seat.  She was coming forward and I asked her if she was coming up for prayer.  She was, and it was for degenerative disk disease in her neck and a “female plumbing” issue.  She wanted to sit down and so we sat in a pew and I prayed for her.  When I was done I asked if she felt anything (looking for heat, tingling, wobbly, whatever!).  She said she felt the Holy Spirit.  Hey, that’s a first.  Thank you, Jesus!  I hope to connect with her today and see how she’s doing.

I’m excited about the rest of this conference.  I’ve had some good talks with Lynn about healing and other things, and realized that many times there are “layers” to healing, that it’s a process and doesn’t always happen in one fell swoop.  So I’m asking God to remove another layer this conference.  Take another layer of the pain away, make me more like Jesus, help me run on empty :)


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