Just back from Fearless


The Fearless conference is over.  It was an excellent conference, and I bought the DVDs and mp3s so Kevin and I can watch them together.  I’d hoped he would be able to attend it with me but he’s been crazy busy.  Will Hart said it was the first time they packed the house. There’s a lot I could talk about, but it’s after midnight and I’m officially a pumpkin, lol.  But I will say that this evening they did impartation, they being Will Hart, Brian Connolly, and Ravi Kandall.  They prayed over every single person.  I had great joy in being beside my daughter-in-law who was holding my sleeping grandson when Ravi came to us.  He asked what his name was and she told him, and then he said, “No, he’s not Connor, from now on he’s ‘Super’, everything he does is going to be super” (or something like that).  I had this thought on the way home that God speaks our identity over us as we sleep, too.   Wonder what He says over me?

Right now He’s saying, “Go to bed.”  At least I’m pretty sure He is.  Or perhaps that’s just my drooping eyelids giving me that message.  Hopefully I’ll have some time to write more about all this tomorrow.  Can’t do it justice though.  I can’t repeat the stories the way Ravi shared them, and would leave out a lot.  But I’ll give you one quickie.  He told of Daddy (God) telling him one morning that he was going to meet a man in an elevator, and when he did he was supposed to tell him xyz.  So he meets him and delivers the message.  I think it was a few days later he was approached by five men in a mall and asked if he’s Ravi Kandall and when he says yes the one guy pulls out a phone and says, “We got him.”  He’s then taken to a room, and handed a phone and it’s President Bush.  Yeah, seriously, sounds crazy, right?  But it’s true!  He also said A week before the last election one of the two presidential candidates (he didn’t say which) called him and wanted to know who was going to win.  (Btw he knew the winner when there were still a dozen or so people running for the candidacy itself!)  Amazing stories.  Amazing life.  Amazing God.  And right about now I’m thinking sleep would be amazing too.  :)


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