Thanks, Pastor Earl


Kevin and I went to visit St. Paul’s Missionary Baptist Church in Harrisburg today.  It’s a great church, and their pastor is a student at GSSM.  We went because the guest speakers for the day were two former students (one from GSI and the other from GSSM).  You may have heard me speak of them before, Josh and Prem.  They’re quite the team.  I also got to meet another prophetic painter and we had a good conversation before worship started.  Somehow we got on the subject of VOP coming up and the prophetic presbytery, how they’re doing it different this year (individual as opposed to group prophecy) and how when I heard that I freaked out (I had just said yes to God, that I’d do it because if I didn’t “get something” all the time, there would be others in the group who would).  So anyway the worship was great as were the messages my friends gave.  And afterward Kevin and I hung around for some ministry time with them, followed by a spaghetti dinner in the basement.  It was so great catching up with them and hearing all that God’s doing in their lives.  It’s been nine months since our time together at GSI which was such a milestone in all of our lives.  I’m privileged to have them as friends and brothers :)

But what I’ll remember most about today was what happened toward the end of worship.  Pastor Earl came up to me, took me by the hand, led me about halfway down the seats to a gentleman, and handed me off saying something to the effect of, “This is Patti, she hears from God, and she has a word for you.”  All righty then :)  I am thankful that just a few minutes before I’d heard him say to someone behind me, “This is Laura (another student), she hears from God, and she has a word for you.”  I was thinking, “Wow, so cool of God to give Laura something for someone at this church and have the courage to tell Pastor Earl.”  Hahaha, God must have laughed when he heard that thought.  So I had a few seconds as I was being escorted to the back to shout “Heeeeeelp!” in my spirit because I knew what was coming!  I’ve not done much prophesying, and what I have done has mostly been in class with other students.  Can you say “stretch”?

What do you do after an introduction like that?!  Yikes!  Prayer is a good place to start :)  I asked him what his name was and then, remembering an inspired SOS to God a friend recently shared with me, I said, “Bill, I’m kind of new at this and am a little nervous, but I’m gonna trade my fear for God’s anointing.  I’m gonna pray for you and see where God leads.”  And so I just started praying for him and God came through.  And when I was done and said amen, Bill looked at me and smiled and said, “I feel as if you’ve known me forever!  That was right on target.”  Phew!  Thank you, Jesus :)  And thank you, Pastor Earl.  But please don’t do that to me again, lol.


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  1. Beth and Ian, thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I know all about that sense of humor, lol. It’s not the first and definitely won’t be the last time He’ll pull a fast one on me! He’s full of surprises :)

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